Video: Trey Gowdy shreds law professor on need for special prosecutor in IRS scandal

trey gowdyCall it a Friday evening palate-cleanser.

Seriously, there’s nothing better than watching Trey Gowdy shred some slimy, limp-wristed liberal.  Earlier today, Glenn Beck said the professor sounded like a cartoon character.

He hit especially hard on newly-discovered Lois Lerner emails where she called conservatives “assholes” and referred to them as terrorists out to take the country down.

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Executive Overreach Comes Back to Haunt

“This isn’t about Republicans and Democrats, it’s about defending the Constitution that we swore an oath to uphold and acting decisively when it might be compromised.”

- Speaker of the House John Boehner

“The main vote that they have scheduled for today is whether or not they decide to sue me for doing my job.” – Barack HUSSEIN Obama

For doing his job…his job has been the destruction of America from within…and yeah…he does need to be sued for that. Continue reading

Fundamental transformation: German officer to serve as chief of staff for U. S. Army Europe

laubenthalCall it part of that “fundamental transformation” we’ve all heard so much about.

On Thursday, the Army Times reported that for the first time ever, a non-American officer has been appointed to serve as the chief of Staff for U. S. Army Europe.

According to the Times:

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Dem. Rep. Jan Schakowsky accuses Border Patrol of torturing illegal children with air conditioning

s-JAN-SCHAKOWSKY-largeDuring a hearing by the Congressional Progressive Caucus, Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D- Ill., accused the Border Patrol of torturing illegal minors at a facility in in El Paso, Texas, by keeping them in a cold facility.

Silly Democrat. Doesn’t she know the Border Patrol only tortures and harasses American citizens?  Besides, as Breitbart TV noted, it was over 100 degrees in El Paso, so naturally the air conditioning was on.  But to the Illinois Marxist, keeping the A/C on amounts to torture.

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Aiding America’s Ills with a Cough and a Sneeze

Disease…illness…epidemic…words that make most people cringe and rightly so for NO one enjoys being sick. Thankfully, in America most major communicable diseases have been if NOT eradicated at least held down to a minimum with isolated pockets popping-up sporadically here and there thanks to childhood vaccines and adult booster shots. And I am NOT talking about the usual garden variety of winter and summer illnesses…the common cold, simple uncomplicated flu, food poisoning, and such…but I mean the hardcore stuff…diseases that can send people to the hospitals en masse…or worse…to the morgue. Continue reading

WH, NSC denies Obama told Netanyahu to unilaterally cease action in Gaza

obama-netanyahuAccording to Israel’s Channel 1, Barack Obama ordered Benjamin Netanyahu to unilaterally cease all military action in Gaza.  The administration, however, denies the conversation ever took place.

Transcript of the conversation translated from Hebrew as provided by the Times of Israel, is provided below:

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Announcing ‘Operation Balls to Impeach’ and open letter to John Boehner

StageBallsThe following is an open letter from contributor and radio talk show host Josh Bernstein who, like so many, want Barack Obama impeached.  Please read and share the letter with your friends and spend a couple bucks to help give Boehner some balls…

The Honorable John Boehner
United States Congress
1011 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515

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MH-17…searching for the truth

By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen

On July 17th another Malaysian plane…MH-17… went down but this time it was different. Different than MH-370 in that this one did indeed crash. However, crashing is NOT what makes this different…being shot down out of the sky does.

While early reports have everyone blaming Vladimir Putin or Russia for this take down there are a few things that just do NOT add up.

First, Putin was the one who told Obama that a plane was down and that in and of itself seems an odd thing for someone supposedly involved to have done. What’s even odder is that Obama was fast to accuse Putin of downing the plane before the debris of the plane even had a chance for its fires to die down. Continue reading

Son of Hamas founder to CNN: Hamas seeks destruction of Israel, global Islamic caliphate

Yousef-son-of-HamasWhile appearing on CNN, Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of a founding member of Hamas, told Don Lemon that the terror group is not just seeking the complete destruction of Israel — it wants a global Islamic caliphate.

“Hamas is not seeking coexistence and compromise. Hamas is seeking conquest and taking over,” he said.  “And by the way, the destruction of the State of Israel is not Hamas’s final destination. Hamas final destination is building the Islamic caliphate, which means an Islamic state under rubble of every other civilization.”

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The truth about the Palestinian myth

Israel is once again at war with those out to wipe her off the map. The nation that only wants to live in peace is fighting for its very survival yet again as Barack HUSSEIN Obama funds her enemies and ties her requests for emergency aid to an immigration bill that has NO business being. And now with the IDF’s discovery of more than 30 Hamas dug tunnels…tunnels dug to infiltrate Israel from under the border…it’s more important than ever to understand the truth about Gaza…one of the so-called ‘occupied’ territories (the other being the West Bank).

But Obama and the media do NOT want the American people to know the truth, so I will tell you that truth, and it starts with the fact that Gaza is NOTHING but a complete and total welfare state as its economy and budget exists solely at the discretion of foreign aid…especially U.S. foreign aid. And the UN caters to those in Gaza, the countries of the world cry for those in Gaza, and the media paints Israel as the aggressor and the enemy of those in Gaza. Continue reading