Accusations of a naked Aqua-Biden again rise to the surface

JoeBidenGrittingTeeth-11Even during the happiest of circumstances, sometimes the water-induced wrinkled head of the past rears its ugly self exactly at the wrong time. Accusations of a buck naked Joe Biden swimming laps au naturel on a number of occasions would be one of those prune-skinned moments.

If the thought of a naked 72-year-old man isn’t enough to make his Secret Service detail have the uncontrollable urge to iron everything in sight, the knowledge that the Veep has both male and female agents assigned to him kicks the ‘eew’ factor up a few notches.

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Jihad death threats in UK; Aussie anti-sharia party launched

Jihadists march in Australia, 2012.

Jihadists march in Australia, 2012.

Australia and Great Britain share Queen Elizabeth II as their Sovereign, and at least technically, she still holds the title as the Queen of Australia.

Both nations also share a bit of a problem with militant Islamic jihadists wanting to kill their respective citizens who may stand in the way of their stated desire of establishing a sharia-compliant global caliphate.

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PETA calls for death penalty for lion hunting dentist

Hells_Angels-05When will PETA start throwing paint on Hell’s Angels for wearing leather?

The same organization that demands ethical treatment for all living creatures is now calling for the execution-style killing of a Minnesota dentist who allegedly illegally trophy hunted Cecil the lion in the African nation of Zimbabwe.

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Obama regime to investigate Cecil the Lion, turns blind eye to Planned Parenthood scandal

cecilIt seems the Obama regime cares more about the shooting of a lion in a foreign country than it does the mutilation of human babies for profit in the United States.

On Thursday, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that it would investigate the death of Cecil the Lion, an animal killed by Dr. Walter Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota.  The regime, however, parroted Planned Parenthood talking points, telling reporters the abortion provider did nothing wrong because, well, Planned Parenthood said so.

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Bill introduced to create Office for “Countering Violent Extremists”

teapartyterroristsOn June 25, 2015, a bill (H.R. 2899- the CVE Act) was introduced by Republican Michael McCaul, (R-TX), establishing the Office of Countering Violent Extremists. The idea is to have a specific section in the Department of Homeland Security to deal with homegrown terrorists and persons who have been radicalized.

First problem: does adding another layer of bureaucracy to an already bloated bureaucracy help  against terrorists? No.

Second problem:  Instead of the true terrorists, the government often targets ordinary citizens under the term “extremist.”

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Top Liberal Feminist Calls Hillary a Complete Failure

c-patz-interviewCamille Paglia, a top feminist with impeccable liberal credentials, took time off from bashing Republican candidates for president to give her opinion on Hillary Clinton.

Paglia predicts that Hillary won’t even make it to the debates.  She says all of her scandals, plus the fact that she has failed at everything she has tried will force the Democratic party to find an acceptable candidate with a legitimate chance of winning in 2016. Continue reading

House Members File to Remove Boehner as Speaker

Barack_Obama_and_John_Boehner_enjoying_Saint_Patrick's_Day_2014Mark Meadows filed a motion on Tuesday that would remove John Boehner, conservative rating about 1%, as Speaker of the House.  The motion cites Speaker Boehner’s willingness to give into the liberals at every turn and how he uses his position to punish those who vote their conscience rather than with the Speaker.

Meadows should know.  He lost the chairmanship of a House subcommittee, after he voted against Boehner.  In the midst of public outcry, Boehner was forced to allow Jason Chaffetz, another villain in the matter, to reinstate Meadows. Continue reading

The Line Crossed by #BlackLivesMatter

cullors“If I die in police custody, burn everything down.” Patrisse Cullors, cofounder of  #BlackLivesMatter.

Burn everything down? The group #BlackLivesMatter has also threatened to “shut down” the GOP convention. But if you think she and her cohorts are just a fringe group, you’d be wrong. They have backing from senators, congressmen, and have met with the President at the White House.

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City of Reno Flies Gay Flag Instead of American Flag

Pride-flag-in-RenoSomeone in Reno, Nevada, replaced the American Flag with a Gay Pride flag on City Hall. Mayor Hillary Schieve says she didn’t order the American flag taken down, but says they were going to fly both after a gay pride event in the city over the weekend.

“The city of Reno honors and respects the men and women who serve our country and we apologize to those we may have offended. While we made an error in not flying the American flag along with the pride flag, when we discovered we were not flying both, we immediately returned to flying the American flag. Neither the Mayor nor City Council was aware we were not flying the American flag. The City was proud to participate in pride weekend and will continue to celebrate our diverse community.” (City of Reno statement)

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Liberal BLM activists: ‘Black lives matter, but not all lives matter’

Liberal BLM activists: ‘Black lives matter, but not all lives matter’

(James Roguski; YouTube)

Conservative Republican political commentator, former U.S. Congressman, and retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, Allen West on Thursday reported on an event, held by the ultra-liberal organization, NetRoots Nation where liberal black activists shouted down former Democratic Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, and demanded that black lives matter, but not all lives matter.

The unruly liberal crowd attended the Netroots Nation Town Hall meeting in Phoenix, Arizona on July 18, 2015 in which O’Malley, who has entered the 2016 Democratic presidential race, expressed his views that not only do black lives matter, but that white lives matter and that all lives matter. This did not sit well with the “Black Lives Matter (BLM)” protestors who booed and interrupted O’Malley and began shouting, “Black lives matter.” Continue reading