Video: Sarah Palin slams Eric Holder’s ‘disgusting’ racism charges

sarah palinWhile speaking at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin slammed Attorney General Eric Holder, telling the crowd she doesn’t need to take advise from a cabinet member who’s been held in contempt.

“I don’t need lectures from Eric Holder,” she said.   “Not many cabinet members in U.S. history have been held in contempt of Congress.”

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Video: Megyn Kelly shreds lying Nancy Pelosi on Hobby Lobby ruling

crazyeyes pelosiFox News’ Megyn Kelly shredded House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., for her lies and idiotic remarks regarding the recent Supreme Court Hobby Lobby ruling.

Kelly notes that Pelosi didn’t have an issue when five men ruled in favor of Roe vs. Wade, the landmark decision that basically said abortion is okay up to the moment of birth for any reason or no reason whatsoever.  She also called Pelosi “sexist” and nailed her for misrepresenting the decision.

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Sheila Jackson Lee on illegals swamping border: ‘This is not immigration, this is migration’ – Video

jacksonleeRep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, the congresswoman once dubbed the “Congressional boss from Hell,” explained that the flood of illegal immigrants across America’s southern border isn’t “immigration,” it’s “migration.”

Keep in mind as you watch the video below that this is also the same person who once suggested that George Zimmerman broke his own nose and demanded Americans turn in their guns.

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Video: Barbaric ISIS jihadis joke, play with severed head

ISISThese are the kind of people who, thanks to Obama’s weakness, are now on the brink of destroying Iraq.

Now, ISIS jihadis are posting videos of their atrocities.  In one video posted June 15, ISIS members play with a severed head.  According to MEMRI, the victim was a member of the Free Syrian Army.

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WH and Dems creating unforced parallels between Benghazi and Bergdahl

Bergdhal BenghaziExcept in the most tangential sense — both “Benghazi” and “Bergdahl” begin with the letter pair — there is little to connect the White House’s scandalous reaction (and preaction) to the terrorist storming of the U.S. consulate in Bengahzi and its scandalous exchange of five Taliban chiefs for an Army soldier who by all accounts deserted his unit. So why are the administration and top Democrats seeking to connect the two in the minds of Americans?

You don’t think they are? Ask yourself what crossed your mind when you saw National Security Advisor Susan Rice on a Sunday news show the day after the Rose Garden announcement to assure Americans that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl served his country with “honor and distinction”? Did you not experience déjà-vu all over again? Were you not spirited back to her inglorious performance the Sunday after the Benghazi raid when she appeared on five (count ‘em, 5) news programs to perpetuate the White House myth that the attacks were a spontaneous mob reaction?

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Compare and contrast: Videos show reception received by Obama versus Bush at West Point

obama-bushBy now, pretty much everyone knows of the pitiful reception Barack Obama received when he spoke to graduating cadets at West Point.

The Washington Times, citing the Daily Mail, said that less than 25 percent of the cadets present gave him a standing ovation upon his introduction.  In 2008, however, George Bush received a standing ovation so thunderous he had to ask cadets to be seated.

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Alleged Santa Barbara shooter leaves disturbing video behind, low-infos still blame NRA

rodgers1Elliot Rodger, the alleged shooter in a rampage that left seven dead, including himself, left behind a disturbing video that shows just how disturbed he really was.

In it, he decries being a 22-year-old virgin, and promises to slaughter as many people as he could in what he called a “day of retribution.”  Nevertheless, low-information liberals blame the NRA for what he reportedly did.

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Stupid white liberals apologize for being white in video: ‘We suck and we’re sorry’

stupidwhiteguyIt seems that Michael Savage was right when he said that liberalism is a mental disorder.

A bizarre two-minute video put together by Stephen Parkhurst shows white guys actually apologizing for being white.  Seriously.  And no, this is not a Saturday Night Live skit or something from the Onion.

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Hillary Clinton: No reason to continue Benghazi investigation

hillscreamingApparently, Hillary Clinton really doesn’t care about the truth in the Benghazi terror attack that saw four Americans killed.  Now, she’s claiming there’s no need to investigate, despite the smoking gun email that shows Susan Rice was coached to lie.

According to Democrats and their allies in the liberal media, any attempt to uncover the truth in the attack is either partisan politics or the advancement of a conspiracy theory.  Next thing you know, liberals will be telling us the attack never happened.  Or maybe they’ll claim Benghazi doesn’t exist…

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Media refuses to ID party of New Jersey Democrat caught in vile racist rant, race-baiters silent

burkeIt’s odd that liberals say they can spot racism in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but can’t spot it when it comes from one of their own.

Recently, Marie Strumolo Burke, a Democrat running for Mayor of Belleville, New Jersey, was reportedly captured on tape making a vile, racist comment.  In the recording, she allegedly expressed concerns her city was becoming a “f*****g n****r town.”

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