Shocking airline crash video from Taiwan

The crash of a TransAsia ATR-72 today in Taiwan was captured in a dramatic video from a dashboard camera in a taxi. The 25 second video, along with another longer but more distant video, can be seen on


The airline crash video shows the turboprop airliner descending rapidly across a bridge in front of the taxi. As it descends, the airplane rolls approximately 90 degrees onto its left wing. As the plane passes in front of the taxi, its left wingtip and tail strike the road in front of the car before it disappears from view.

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Video: Greg Gutfeld says Democrat-media complex suffers from ‘truthophobia’ on Islam

Greg GutfeldRecently, Fox News “The Five” co-host Greg Gutfeld slammed the cowardly media establishment — known here as the “Democrat-media complex” for its wimpy coverage and double-standard on Islam.  In his view, the left-wing media suffers from what he called “truthophobia,” an irrational fear of the truth.

“The impetus for the monologue was Bill Clinton’s comments that radical Islamists enjoy the ‘world’s greatest double standard’ by demanding tolerance, while practicing intolerance,” Alex Griswold said at the Daily Caller.

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YouTube yanks pro-ISIS jihadist video warning of beheadings in U.S., Europe

Islam_will_dominate_xlarge-570x300On Wednesday, Pamela Geller reported that a video posted to YouTube by a young French Muslim waging jihad, warned of more attacks in the United States and Europe.

“Burn their houses, cars, possessions, behead them, even if it’s day to day, terrorise them,” the French-speaking jihadist video said.  Those “who don’t agree with Islam will burn in hell,” the video added.

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Moroccan-born mayor to Dutch Muslims: ‘F**k off’ if you don’t like freedom – Video

mayorAhmed Aboutaleb, the Moroccan-born mayor of Rotterdam, had a simple and straightforward message to Muslims who don’t like freedom: “F**k off.”

Moreover, he told them that if they don’t like freedom, they can pack their trash and leave the country.  “‘It is incomprehensible that you can turn against freedom,” he said while appearing on current affairs program Nieuwsuur (Newshour).  “But if you don’t like freedom, for heaven’s sake pack your bags and leave.”

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Black supremacist rally: All white people will be slaves — video

black supremacistsI usually catch most of what gets posted over at American Freedom Fighters, and I’m surprised I missed this.  Earlier this year, a group of black supremacists held a sparsely-attended rally.  In that rally, speakers declared that all white people will be slaves to blacks in the fundamentally-transformed America.

Not only that, they berated Christian blacks for their faith, calling prayer circles “demonic,” and declared that “ISIS is here.”  They also claimed that the Jews of the Bible were black.  Misquoting the Bible, they proceeded to tell their audience that white people would become slaves to blacks at some point in the near future.

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Video: Free speech under assault in America thanks to Islam

exerciseHow bad are things getting in America?  Try this.  Thanks to the efforts of Islamic groups and their liberal allies, free speech — the right guaranteed by the First Amendment — is under assault in America.

That threat was explained in a concise four-minute video posted Tuesday by the Lawfare Project, and it’s worth watching.

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Video: James O’Keefe offered busload of ballots in North Carolina

noidIs North Carolina’s election going to be decided by fraudulent votes?  It could be if some have their way.  Get this — A new video posted Monday by Project Veritas shows how easy it is to get someone else’s ballot.

“We easily accessed North Carolina’s statewide voter rolls,” the video says.  “From there we were able to isolate the ‘inactive’ voters. Then we narrowed the list down to 30 year old males. The next step to visit early voting sites across the state…and ask if they had that person’s name on the list. We were careful not to say we were that person.”

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Video: Hillary Clinton falsely claims businesses and corporations don’t produce jobs

Hillary_ClintonThis has got to be the stupidest thing ever said by a potential Democratic presidential candidate since Obama issued his now-infamous “you didn’t build that” line.

While speaking at a rally in Boston for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley on Friday, Hillary Clinton actually said businesses and corporations don’t create jobs.  You read that right.  Clinton, who liberals hail as the most intelligent woman to ever walk the planet, actually made the idiotic claim.

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Video: Audience laughs at absurd war on women attack by New York Democrat

martharobertsonMartha Robertson, a Democrat running for New York’s 23rd Congressional House seat found herself targeted by an audience that found her pathetic “war on women” attack so absurd they literally laughed out loud.

During a debate held Thursday, she accused Republican Tom Reed of being “part of the War against Women.”

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