Video: Bundy’s comments appear to have been taken out of context

BundyIf the Democrat-media complex is to be believed, Cliven Bundy is a racist who deserves to be droned out of existence because he allegedly wants to bring back slavery.

But videos posted earlier Thursday seem to show that the New York Times and other outlets took Bundy’s comments out of context in an apparent effort to demonize Bundy and his supporters.  I know that may come as a surprise, but it is what it is.

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Jay Carney: Toughest interview Obama had in 2012 election was with Jon Stewart

obamastewartIt’s been established by now that the so-called “mainstream media” is in the tank for Barack Obama.

But that assertion got proved pretty much beyond a doubt during an interview in which White House Press Secretary Jay Carney admitted the toughest interview Obama had during the 2012 election was with — wait for it — The Daily Show’s Jay Carney.

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Attkisson departure leaves big shoes to fill at CBS

CBS-Logo-e1331750370386The departure of award-winning investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson from CBS News leaves a huge hole in that agency’s news team, and a pair of shoes that will be difficult to fill.

Attkisson was first to expose the national audience to Operation Fast and Furious, a story the “Big Three” networks seemed determined to ignore but for Attkisson’s persistence. Continue reading

Instead of flowers, man’s obit asks that you cancel NYT subscription

NY TimesThey say you can’t take it with you, but Leonard Smith proved that you can. When the World War II veteran died last November at age 86, his family published an obituary for him that contained an unusual request of those wishing to pay their respects to his memory:

Leonard Smith hated pointless bureaucracy, thoughtless inefficiency and bad ideas born of good intentions. He loved his wife, admired and respected his children and liked just about every dog he ever met. He will be greatly missed by those he loved and those who loved him. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you cancel your subscription to The New York Times. [Emphasis added]

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Who needs a free press? Obama FCC to police newsrooms with ‘researchers’

ObotsIn North Korea, they’re called “minders,” just as they were in the former Soviet Union.  The Obama administration, however, calls them “researchers,” and they’re set to be placed in newsrooms across the country supposedly to learn how editorial decisions are made.  Right.

A post at the Investor’s Business Daily described the situation perfectly:

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‘Boston’s News Leader’ omits suspect’s race in knockout attacks

Surveillance footage captured the assault“Boston’s News Leader” is how ABC affiliate WCVB sees itself. You may see the station differently after you read its report on a pair of knockout attacks that took place Saturday in Cambridge.

The incident took place outside a furniture store, which has a surveillance camera trained on the entrance and the sidewalk beyond. The video, which may be viewed here, clearly shows the suspect — who is black — walking up behind an unsuspecting couple and clocking the man in the head, causing him to tumble to the pavement.

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In latest report of knockout attack MSM hints at race of perps

Matthew Robinson, the victim, speaks with a reporter.The latest victim of the ubiquitous “knockout game” is a disabled Army veteran who was attacked in downtown Cleveland on him on Feb. 7, 2014. While neither CBS News nor local station WOIO identifies the race of the perpetrators, both news outlets include the victim’s account of verbal taunts against him, which suggest the attackers were black. Baby steps.

[News video may be viewed here]

The target of the pointless attack was Matthew Robinson, who told a WOIO reporter that he was initially surrounded by six to eight teenagers while riding a bus. The pack followed and attacked him, took his belongings, and videotaped the assault. During the attack, Robinson maintains:

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Samuel L. Jackson admits he voted for Obama based on color of his skin

Samue L. JacksonWhen will actor Samuel L. Jackson learn to keep his yap shut unless he’s reciting lines prepared for him by a Hollywood script writer? When he shares his own heartfelt opinion, he creates uncomfortable situations for his fellow liberals, who are then forced to explain why what he said wasn’t so bad. For example, When he weighed in on not-guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman murder trial last August by announcing that it’s “open season” on young black men, the liberal media spent days mopping up after him.

Recently, he was at it again. In an interview appearing in February’s Ebony Magazine:

[T]he 63-year-old revealed the reason why he casted [sic] his vote for President Barack Obama. “I voted for Barack because he was black,” Jackson confessed.”Cuz that’s why other folks vote for other people — because they look like them.”

… “That’s American politics, pure and simple,” Jackson said. “[Obama's] message didn’t mean sh*t to me.” “When it comes down to it, they wouldn’t have elected a n-word.”

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NBC engages in more Obama worship: #Bowdown to Michelle Obama’s dress

obamadressYes, Virginia, there really is a Democrat-media complex that treats the Obamas like deities to be worshiped.

The latest example came in the form of a tweet issued by NBC News’ Shawna Thomas, who noticed Michelle Obama’s $12,000.00 (you read that right) designer dress made by Carolina Herrera:

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Lib rag Salon: O’Reilly asking Obama about fundamental transformation ‘borderline racist’

Joan-WalshIt’s to be expected in a nation where racism can be seen in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Writing at the liberal rag Salon, Joan Walsh unleashed her inner Chris Matthews and claimed that Bill O’Reilly’s question to Barack Obama about fundamental transformation was “borderline racist.”  Seriously.

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