Hatemongers on Twitter: Kill Donald Trump

no-hateIt was bound to happen.  During the 2012 election, hatemongers on Twitter repeatedly called for the murder of GOP nominee Mitt Romney and others, including their supporters.

They’re back, this time violating Twitter’s rules by advocating the murder of Donald Trump.  And they’re quite open about it.

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Jihad death threats in UK; Aussie anti-sharia party launched

Jihadists march in Australia, 2012.

Jihadists march in Australia, 2012.

Australia and Great Britain share Queen Elizabeth II as their Sovereign, and at least technically, she still holds the title as the Queen of Australia.

Both nations also share a bit of a problem with militant Islamic jihadists wanting to kill their respective citizens who may stand in the way of their stated desire of establishing a sharia-compliant global caliphate.

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Does Harry Reid want the Koch brothers murdered?

pouty-reid1Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., has spent the last several days attacking the Koch brothers in an obvious attempt to demonize the conservative billionaires in true Alinsky fashion.

But given that the Koch brothers have been targeted with death threats by Reid’s fellow travelers on the left, and given the frequency and tenor of Reid’s recent attacks, one question needs to be asked:  Does Harry Reid want the Koch brothers murdered?

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George Zimmerman’s parents sue Roseanne Barr for tweeting their home address

ROSEANNE-BARRShe claimed to be seeking justice, and that’s exactly what 2012 presidential nominee* Roseanne Barr is now getting. Only in this case, the long arm of the law may be coming upside her head.

According to the Orlando Sentinel Barr has been named in a lawsuit filed by the parents of George Zimmerman, who say they were forced to flee their Lake Mary, Fla., home in the middle of the night and were unable to return after the comedienne posted their address on Twitter.

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Obama ignores death threats against Zimmerman in ‘Trayvon coulda been me’ speech

obama-trayvonOn Friday, Barack Obama showed up at the White House press briefing to tell America that he could’ve been Trayvon Martin 35 years ago.

Obama also said that he and Michelle sent their thoughts and prayers to the Martin family.  But Obama said absolutely nothing about the thousands of death threats aimed at George Zimmerman, his family, attorney and the jurors in the case.

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Gawker claims death threats after posting list of NYC gun owners

gun-controlAfter posting a two-year-old list of legal gun owners in New York City and calling them “assholes,” Gawker said they became the target of death threats.

“You’re f**kin dead,” one caller reportedly said.

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Gun debate pits liberals, media against Constitution, freedom-loving Americans

Gun-Control-DespotsThe battle lines in the debate over the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms have been clearly drawn.

On one side are freedom-loving Americans and the Constitution of the United States, facing off against “low-information” liberals and the so called “mainstream media.”

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