Liberalism remains an ideology of genocidal hate and rage

Punch2In February 2011, I wrote that liberalism is an ideology of hate and rage.

At the time that article was written, unions, backed by Democrats and Obama’s own campaign arm, had sparked what I called the “Wisconsin Insurrection.”

Liberalism remains an ideology of hate and rage, but since early 2011, the left has become even more violent, to the point of being genocidal.

They don’t want to discuss public policy or debate issues.  They demand blind obedience and if you don’t march in lock step with them, they want you dead.

Hyperbole?  Hardly.

In July 2011, gay sex columnist and alleged “anti-bullying” activist Dan Savage told Bill Maher that he wished all Republicans were “f*****g dead.”

Don’t take my word for it — watch for yourself (the comment starts at about the :59 second mark)

“Is this really the kind of discussion HBO condones? A guest saying he wants about 40 percent of the nation dead?” Newsbusters’ Noel Sheppard asked at the time.

Savage isn’t the only liberal who has expressed a desire for genocide.

Recently, liberal hate talker Mike Malloy said he wished an “angel of the Lord” would decapitate everyone in the Tea Party.

Again, don’t just take my word for it — you can hear it for yourself:

During the 2012 campaign, liberals on Twitter and other social media sites engaged in a relentless campaign of hate, routinely calling for the death of Mitt Romney, his wife and his supporters.

We covered the threats extensively, but you can catch up here:

Then there was the Democratic delegate from New York who said she wanted to kill Mitt Romney.

Again, don’t just take my word for it — watch it for yourself:

In 2011, we said that it would only be “a matter of time before one of these unhinged lunatics pulls a gun and commits a crime similar to the Tucson massacre.”

Unfortunately, that happened last August when a deranged leftist walked into the Family Research Council’s offices and shot a guard.

In response, liberal hate talker Mike Malloy called the conservative FRC a group of Christian “corpse-eaters.”

Most recently, union thugs assaulted Fox News’ Steven Crowder for daring to speak, and one person is heard on video threatening to kill Crowder with a gun.  So far, no one has been arrested in the assault.

Liberals on Twitter, naturally, began issuing death threats after Gov. Rick Snyder signed Michigan’s new right-to-work law and naturally, the propagandists in the Democrat-media complex refused to cover it just as they almost always do when conservatives are threatened.

To be certain, not everyone on the left is a bloodthirsty, genocidal maniac with Hitlerian fantasies of death and destruction.  Some, like Kirsten Powers and Lanny Davis, have repudiated the violence and encouraged their fellow liberals to act like human beings.  The calls for civility, however, have fallen on deaf ears.

Two years ago, we said that liberalism is an ideology of rage and hate.  Things are much worse now, and unless freedom-loving people stand up and put an end to the hate, this will be in America’s future:






Reed says:

maybe something of value can come out of your mouth if YOu take Bill O’reilly’s dick out first.

carl says:

We as a nation, sometimes are going to disagree, its common but when people are in the media and on shows stating that they are saying they want to kill someone or a certain group of Americans, they should be prosecuted as terrorists they have it on tape . Whats going on in this country that is a full blown threat. Were is our government agencies or law enforcement when someone says they want to kill somebody right on a talk show, they should be locked up and checked for mental illness.
P.S. There is no common sense anymore. A phase I’ve been using for about the last ten years.I had better write this before I post this yes the first amendment is freedom of speech but a threat is a threat.

Reed says:

b/c part of being “free” is that you can openly speak out against whom ever you want. “conservatives” always talk about freedom, but don’t know what it is. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t control, and imprison a populous and be “free” it’s contradictary. What you’re describing only takes place in dictatorships. You’re calling for execution and inprisonment of americans, when they haven’t committed a crime. Facist.

Reed says:

to prove a point, here…………….. I WANT to kill YOU. Please call and show this to the police, and then maybe they can explain to you why I can say that. But, they’re likely going to have trouble getting you to comprehend it.

Reed says:

OH my god. I didn’t see the part about locking up the mentally ill. What’s next on your agenda? Lock up people with diabetes, or heart disease? Now, I REALLY DO WANT TO KILL YOU. I’m not going to, but really hope you die soon so you can’t spread your ignorance.

Reed says:

you’ve been saying there’s no common sense anymore” for ten years? And everytime you say it, as soon as you walk they say you just proved that.

Ryan says:

“How many law-abiding conservative types you think you’re going to find in prison?”

I know the answer to this: Exactly as many law-abiding liberal types that you’d find in prison… Good job there buddy. Law-abiding means they don’t break the law. Of course they wouldn’t be in prison.

In all honesty there are just as many racist conservatives out there. I live in the good ol’ Ozark foothills and no matter the economic crisis – this will always be a conservative region. There is plenty of racism here and I fear there always will be.

There are just as many frustrated right wing threats and acts of violence on the left wing. The human race in and of itself is a passionate species. Corner and frustrate a human and a lash is generally provoked (not always, just generally). People will also forget themselves and say things they don’t mean in moments of passion.

I don’t feel that one side is anymore genocidal than the other. The right side and left side have both failed in history and they will both continue to fail.

I am not surprised that I continue to find crap articles on both conservative and liberal websites. All you have achieved here is shown that you can point a finger and stir the hype while providing no real substance to enhance or enlighten the reader.

Txcons says:

“There are just as many frustrated right wing threats and acts of violence on the left wing.” jnewby has video of his/her claims. Talk is cheap. Provide proof please.

Reed says:
for starters. I only have a two terrabyte hard drive, so I can’t download everything that took two minutes to find.

Reed says:
“spear chucker”

Reed says:


“we can stop them by bombing their society”
this bitch is literally calling for indiscriminate bombing of any country that may have fanatics

Reed says:

or how about ” the idea that the Nazi party was any less dangerous the quran is proposterous” feel stupid yet? You should.
I could literally do this full time for a month w/out duplicating a link.

Reed says:

i’m going to see if I can pull up the video of Ann Coulter saying that “anyone who wore a Muslim head wrap the day after Boston Bombing should be executed”………three other fox news anchors saying Muslims should no longer be allowed to immigrate or temporarily visit the US, and last but not least…..that we should have wire taps in every room of every mosque in the US. Who are the bastions of racism and hate? Do liberals have a news channel that blatantly biased? No.

Liberals have always been genocidal maniacs, that is why the left has always been the bastion of racism, hatred, and murder and that is why most if not all violent felons are liberals. Think not? How many law-abiding conservative types you think you’re going to find in prison?

Reed says:

that’s b/c of socio-economic oppression. The poor aren’t conservative, unless they are also very stupid b/c the right doesn’t do much of anything for them, except oppress, and lock them up……..Conservatives aren’t racist? You ever heard of this lil place called the south?

Reed says:

Most violent felons are psychopaths, meaning they have no sympathy or empathy. That being said, they would have no interest in helping the rest of society with social programs……..meaning they couldn’t be liberal. Read a book sometime. Not to mention the fact that they can’t have political affiliation considering they’re felons and all. Moron.

Not Liberal says:

Don’t be a libtard. Slow down, think about it for a nano-second before you post.
I’ll address your points in reverse, since you obviously look at things all bassackwards.
Just because felons lost the right to vote doesn’t mean they don’t have political opinions (or even affiliation). Unless you imagine some “tea-bagger” guard mistreating the poor little rapist and kidnapper – threatening the ‘just’ and ‘righteous’ felon with his wicked ‘conservative commands’ – “Thou shalt not have a political opinion”. But that’s only your creative imagination. Flip the switch and try the other side of your brain (if you’re bored and want something new to do).
They have no interest in helping society with social programs? Do you think they might want to receive some of that _gubment money_ from the latest social programs? Well, that makes them liberal, democrat, progressive takers. Honestly – how many progressives want to help people? No progressives are banging on my door to help me. Why don’t you leave your address, then I can send the bill for the insurance I have to buy now, as a part of Obama’s Healthcare plan…. 30% higher than it was last year (thanks for _helping_ me, liberals).
And finally, felons = psychopaths, therefore they have no sympathy or empathy. When did someone need sympathy to have a political opinion? But let’s roll with what your wrote. I imagine these felons… these psychopaths, as you wrote, probably think like this:
“Hatred as an element of struggle; unbending hatred for the enemy, which pushes a human being beyond his natural limitations, making him into an effective, violent, selective, and cold-blooded killing machine.”

That’s really psychopathic, yet Che Guevara was a Marxist Liberal.

Progressive Marxist Liberals love to hate, and hate to love. Take a look at any of the comments they leave on various blogs around the web (think my words were tough? Mine are powdered sugar compared to the up-churned bile of the that oozes from the Left.)

Now go study history and find out why someone at the top of these organizations would sow the seeds of discontent, hatred and rage, and then you’ll have a good idea where we’re headed. And if you’re open-minded and honest with yourself, you might just become conservative in your thinking as a result of what you find in your research.

Reed says:

yeah, and Che Guevera was a greater man than you could ever imagine being. You know how much he did for the people? Not just as a rebel leader, but as a doctor. No. Of course you don’t b/c you could never entertain that maybe someone on the other side could be right. Communism is a great ideal it just doesn’t work. If you buy into that evil commie shit, you’re worse off than I thought.

Reed says:

The stupidity is almost as thick as your arrogance. Conservatives are the ones spreading Islamaphobia, xenophobia and then convincing lemmings like yourself that the other side is trying to take all the white money and give it to the minorities….it’s a conspiracy….let’s just focus on the fake conspiracies, and pretend the proven ones don’t exist. Who cares If we do something truly racist like destabilize Africa, and the middle East……b/c “Barrack Obama’s a secret Muslim! Hand me my scatter gun Bubba, I think I smell a coon in the white house” “He’s gonna take, uh, oh , wait…. I don’t have anything left that wasn’t taken by conservatives guarding their banking buddies.”

Reed says:

by the way. I don’t like Obama. I understand why you assumed that, but I don’t. I do think it ‘s absolutely nuts that we don’t have full socialized medicine. I think all citizens should have free health care—– well it’s not free if you pay taxes, i suppose……..anyway screw Obama. the end

jason says:

With regards to liberalism’s hate rhetoric, you mention early in your commentary that they were “hardly” speaking out of hyperbole. However, each one of your examples that follow are all expressions of anger and frustration and would be considered hyperbole (if you cared to classify it past “anger” and “frustration”). Your commentary here is slanderous garbage.

jnewby says:

Slander is not written, it is spoken, and it must be shown to be provably false. I have provided you with not one, not two, but three videos showing their rhetoric. I have also provided numerous links showing exactly what these people have said. The fact is, you just don’t like the message, and like a good, low-information liberal, engage in a knee-jerk reaction.

Reed says:

not to you jnewby . This whole thread is an ill informed knee-jerk reaction.

Reed says:

hell yeah, amen