Ted Cruz: Judicial lawlessness has turned into judicial tyranny — Videos

cruz-kellyWhile appearing on Mark Levin’s radio program Thursday, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said he stands with Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk thrown in jail after refusing to obey a judge’s edict on gay marriage.

Cruz also said that “judicial lawlessness has turned into judicial tyranny.”  He also called out the hypocrisy of those who demand Davis “obey the law.”  He issued a stern warning that pastors could be next.

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Fascism: Kentucky clerk jailed for refusing to issue gay marriage licenses as gays demand death, rape

kim davisWelcome to the new, transformed United States, where you can now be jailed for refusing to issue gay marriage licenses.

On Thursday, U.S. District Court Judge David Bunning placed Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis in the custody of U.S. marshals until she complies, USA Today reported.  Meanwhile, Davis told Fox News’ Todd Starnes that not only is she ready to go to jail, but that militant gays have issued threats calling for her to be raped and murdered.

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#BlackLivesMatter supporter who said slain deputy had ‘creepy perv eyes’ arrested for assault

Monica FoyIn case you’re not familiar with Monica Foy, the white Black Lives Matter moonbat who said Deputy Darren Goforth deserved to die for having “creepy perv eyes,” go here to see what kind of lovely person she is.

It seems she’s had some “issues” for quite a while.  On Wednesday, Breitbart.com said she was arrested in her home county on an assault warrant out of Houston.  The arrest stems from an incident that took place in 2011.  According to the report, she allegedly punched a former co-worker in the face causing bodily injury.

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#BlackLivesMatter supporter: Slain cop deserved to be murdered, had ‘creepy perv eyes’

Monica FoyIt seems that liberals are going out of their way to prove that theirs is an ideology of bloodthirsty hate and rage.  On Tuesday, Breitbart.com reported that a Houston-area #BlackLivesMatter supporter going by the name of Monica Foy, issued a tweet implying that Harris County Deputy Sheriff Darren Goforth deserved to be murdered because he had “creepy perv eyes.”

The tweet was deleted, but not before being captured for posterity:

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Life coach on Twitter: Texas cop-killing ‘is what justice looks like’

jaxiwestIn case you didn’t get the memo, liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of rage and hate, and as we’ve documented literally hundreds of times, liberals prove it every single day.

The latest entry comes to us from a so-called “life coach” from California named Jaxi West who demonstrated why we need to adopt liberal control.  According to West, the recent execution-style murder of a Houston-area police officer is “justice.”  Seriously.

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We need liberal control, not gun control

flanagan2It’s now been proven that liberalism kills.  Unfortunately, it took the death of two innocent victims simply doing their job.  Predictably, after Vester Lee Flanagan gunned down his victims in cold blood, the left instantly blamed the NRA and demanded more gun control, even though he purchased his firearm legally.

We now know that Flanagan was as whacked-out as a liberal can get, seeing racism in everything and taking offense at every utterance.  If common-sense liberal control had been put in place, his victims would probably still be alive.

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Audio: Jorge Ramos discusses ‘hunting’ Trump; Was it all a set-up?

ramos-huntDid Univision’s Jorge Ramos stage the confrontation with Donald Trump to garner sympathy and paint Donald Trump as a racist bigot?  Here is a piece of audio that indicates he may have.

The audio is part of a Spanish-language program I understand is based in Colombia.  My source tells me this was not included in the audio posted at the program’s site (An English translation of the article can be seen here).  About 50 seconds into the audio, one can hear the word “cazando,” which means “hunting.”

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John Boehner calls Ted Cruz a ‘jackass’ at Colorado fundraiser

boehner-obamaWhile speaking at a fundraiser in Colorado Wednesday evening, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, called Sen. Ted Cruz a “jackass,” the Daily Caller reported.

Apparently, the comment didn’t sit too well with some of those in attendance.

The Daily Caller added:

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Disturbing video: Virginia shooting from gunman’s point of view

Virginia shootingOn Wednesday, Vester Flanagan, aka Bryce Williams, gunned down WDBJ reporter Alison Parker and a photographer during a live interview.

He actually posted a video of the shooting as it occurred to social media sites.  His Facebook and Twitter accounts have been suspended, but the video lives on and it’s disturbing.  Here it is, courtesy of Infowars:

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Videos: Donald Trump tosses Univision’s Jorge Ramos from press conference

trump-ramosLove him or hate him, you gotta give Donald Trump credit.  He doesn’t take garbage from anyone, especially members of the media who want to play gotcha.

During a press conference in Dubuque, Iowa, Univision’s Jorge Ramos began questioning Trump without being called on.  And that, he learned the hard way, is a no-no.

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