Two Russian Ambassadors caught talking about a new Cold War

Two Russian Ambassadors caught talking about a new Cold War

(YouTube, The Guardian)

When the Cold War ended in 1991, the spread of communism slowed considerably but on Friday, it appears that some Russian Ambassadors are looking forward to a second Cold War through a leaked phone call recording.

The leaked phone call was obtained by The Guardian and released on Friday between Russian Ambassadors, Igor Chubarov, Russia‘s ambassador to Eritrea, is a country in the Horn of Africa near Sudan, and Sergei Bakharev, the ambassador to Zimbabwe and Malawi, although these two ambassadors have not been independently verified at this time that it was them speaking.

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Ukraine vs. Russia…Putin vs. Obama…one and the same

sanctions1“We’re imposing sanctions on more senior officials of the Russian government.”
- Barack HUSSEIN Obama 3/20/14

Useless…totally useless for in order for economic sanctions to work one needs to sanction an entire country NOT just target specific individuals, but when one does NOT understand basic economic premises, let alone how they work or don’t work, what can you expect.

And while some suspect that Crimea is all about Vladmir Putin wanting to restore the former Soviet Union as the world’s number one superpower, the fact is he wants even more…as in Vladimir Putin wants to restore the glory days of the Russian Empire complete with Czar Putin the First.
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The ‘Russian Bear’ vs. the man in ‘mom’ jeans

russia map“The referendum in Crimea was a clear violation of Ukrainian constitution and international law”

- Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s statement after Sunday’s Crimean vote

Well…well…the man who could care less about the U.S. Constitution suddenly cares about the Ukrainian constitution and international law…all while his very inaction’s helped fuel this current situation on. And now comes useless sanctions that Putin will just laugh at while calling Obama’s bluff as he sends Russian forces further into the Ukraine.

And those in Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic, and even those in Kazakhstan, are all now fearful they could be next.
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Putin Prepares for War Against Ukraine

Obama-Putin-Ukraine_2-22-2014_138690_lPutin has tested Obama’s resolve and found him woefully lacking.  When the United States is weak or when our allies can’t trust us to keep our word, our influence dissipates.  But when both occur, both the US and the world becomes a very dangerous world.  Russia senses it and Putin is prepared to take advantage of it and reclaim part of the former Soviet Union.

With the Crimean vote to break away from the Ukraine, the drums of war have never beat louder or stronger.  Russia is massing men and weapons on the border as Vladimir Putin complains about the treatment of ethnic Russians in the Ukraine.   Putin is setting up a reason to invade the Ukraine and adding them back under their control.  The United States is no longer a deterrent to Putin’s ambitions.  The best Obama and Kerry have been able to do is threaten sanctions.

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The crisis in the Ukraine continues on

russian soldier in crimea“Any discussion about the future of Ukraine must include the legitimate government of Ukraine. In 2014, we are well beyond the days when borders can be redrawn over the heads of democratic leaders.”
– Barack HUSSEIN Obama

Bloviations…bloviations and NOTHING more for words are cheap when NOT backed up by action…military action…period.

And while Obama bloviates on and on it appears, at least on the surface, that Crimea does want to become part of Russia, with Russia saying it would welcome Crimea with open arms, especially since 60% of Crimea’s population are ethnic Russians. But Ukraine and the U.S. are poo-pooing the fact that on March 16th, Crimea will hold a referendum on whether to join Russia or remain part of Ukraine, with a ballot in Russian, Ukrainian, and Crimean Tatar that reads in part, “Are you for the reaffirmation of the constitution of the Crimean Republic of 1992 and for Crimea’s status as part of Ukraine?”

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Putin vs Obama…and the U.S. and Ukraine are the losers

ukraine1“Military action would be completely legitimate because it was at the request of the President Yanukovych.”
– Vladimir Putin

“I am Russian. I don’t need protection.” – Russian protester living in the Ukraine opposed to Putin’s efforts to retake the Ukraine

And so as Russian forces encircle Ukraine with Russian fighter jets having entering Ukrainian air space…and with Russian troops having seized control of Crimea including surrounding Ukrainian military installations all while regaining a much wanted warm-water port…Barack HUSSEIN Obama still does NOTHING to stand strong while Putin sends warships into the Black Sea.

Bottom line..Putin has won this round of the chess game against America’s cowardly wimp that is our president. And while Obama and his shills continue to bloviate meaningless words a new…or should I say a ‘reborn’ old super power has emerged…damn you Obama…damn you as this is indeed all of your doing.
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Obama again sides against freedom

obama as a chess piece“This is not a threat: this is actually the declaration of war to my country.”
- Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk

Oh dear…Vladair Putin must be shaking in his boots…sarcasm intended…as John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry condemned what he called “the Russian Federation’s invasion and occupation of Ukrainian territory.”

And with those words out of the mouth of an American traitor, Russia’s Parliament signed off on Putin’s request to send military forces into the Ukraine. Now the next move is Obama’s in this high stakes chess game of who will get checkmated first…the U.S. or Russia. But with Putin building up his military and Obama downsizing ours the answer seems quite obvious.

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Childish: Obama admin takes swipe at George W. Bush in comment about Putin

bush-putin2It seems that no matter what, the Obama administration will find a way to either slam or blame George W. Bush.

It happened again, this time in a discussion about whether or not Putin is listening to Obama.  As Twitchy noted, Bush said he got a “sense of [Putin's] soul” when he first met the Russian leader in 2001.

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Failures on the international front and the media remains silent

While the alphabet media has been focusing their attention on spoiled brat Justin Bieber, Michelle’s 50th birthday nonsense, overpaid drugged-out sports figures and Hollywood trash…the Middle East is smoldering as Barack HUSSEIN Obama continues to fuel the flames that even Egypt getting its first snow in over 100 years cannot put out…sarcasm intended.

“It is the Assad regime’s responsibility to transport those chemicals to facilitate removal. We expect them to meet their obligation to do so,”
- Obama mouthpiece Jay Carney

And so yet another…of many…Obama failures on the international front has come to pass as Syria to date has surrendered less than 5% of its chemical weapons and will miss next week’s deadline to send its stockpile abroad for destruction as they agreed to last September. Now almost two months behind schedule, Obama’s red line to Syria has just been buried in the sand…so to speak…as the deal that stopped him from launching bombing raids against Bashar al-Assad’s government forces seems to be falling apart…just like all the Middle-East deals that have the mark of Obama on them.
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The pictures say it all*

As the saying goes, ‘Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words’ and in the case of Barack HUSSEIN Obama…America’s most narcissistic of presidents…there are many pictures to speak many words…and those words are all so NOT good.

But first a little history and presidential protocol. Simply, America does not recognize royalty or social rank, and when our president interacts with foreign leaders he is representing our country, ‘We the People’, and our Constitution.

This means that when Barack HUSSEIN Obama in his capacity as president bows to a foreign leader…does the so-called ‘bro-handshake’ with a Communist dictator…hugs a Communist leader…he is representing us and thus we are doing these things right along with him.
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