Video: WaPo cartoonist depicts Netanyahu punching baby in the face

Media biasThis is a prime example of what I call the Democrat-media complex, the propaganda machine that wants you to think they’re giving you “news” when in fact, they distort and twist everything so bad that up is down and evil is good.

That was the case with a disgusting video created by a Washington Post cartoonist for its YouTube channel.  In it, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is shown punching a baby in the face.

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Video: Iraqi ad portrays ISIS fighters as snake-handling ghouls

ISISObama dithers with contradictory statements on Iraq as ISIS takes city after city in its effort to create an Islamic caliphate.

But Iraq isn’t sitting still, and has produced a bizarre propaganda ad portraying ISIS fighters as some form of deranged, gap-toothed snake charming ghouls who can’t survive the sunlight.  The video was uploaded to YouTube last week, The Wire reported.

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Video: Bundy’s comments appear to have been taken out of context

BundyIf the Democrat-media complex is to be believed, Cliven Bundy is a racist who deserves to be droned out of existence because he allegedly wants to bring back slavery.

But videos posted earlier Thursday seem to show that the New York Times and other outlets took Bundy’s comments out of context in an apparent effort to demonize Bundy and his supporters.  I know that may come as a surprise, but it is what it is.

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Obama’s Big Lie occasioned partly by Americans’s inability to handle the truth

Obana sweatingAnother country heard from. A day after liberal political columnist Cynthia Tucker offered up her best dog-ate-homework explanation for why Barack Obama deserves only some of the blame for lying through his teeth to the American people about the fate of their health care policies, along comes Michael Cohen of the Century Foundation, a progressive think tank, to try his hand at conjuring.

Like Tucker’s, Cohen’s feat of alchemy, which appears in New York’s Daily News, mentions the fact-checking website Politifact as the ultimate truthometer. He quotes their report that Obama “said at least 34 times that ‘if you like your health care plan, you can keep it.’ That statement,” Cohen goes on to add, “was not completely true, and it’s a lie that is today causing the President no end of political headaches.”

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CMS memo obtained by CBS shows 6 people signed up for Obamacare on Day 1

Obama poutingHave the mainstream media found their collective conscience and begun at last to vet the most transparent administration in history? It’s too early to make that assessment, but suffice it to say that two of the big three networks have in recent days come down with a serious case of truth telling.

First, NBC News reported that the president did indeed “prevaricate” when he repeatedly assured Americans that they would be able to keep their health care plans come hell or high water. Now CBS news has upped the ante and actually done some investigative journalism. The network has uncovered an internal memo (here) written by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (h/t Weasel Zippers) which reveals not only that the administration lied again when it claimed early on to have no information on enrollment figures but that the White House has systematically fudged the stats it has shared throughout the month of October.

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There will be no Obamacaregate

CarneyIt looks as though the president either lied or (like the Cambridge, Mass., police) acted stupidly when he said nineteen (count ‘em 19) separate times that if you liked your health care plan you could keep your health care plan — that nobody would take it away from you.

Now that it has become abundantly clear that what Obama assured Americans would not happen is happening — and already has happened to millions of Americans. They have received cancellation notices from their insurance carriers, and the best and brightest minds in the administration are doing their darndest to make any suggestion of impropriety vanish.

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From Obamacare hero to zero in 48 Hours


Chad Henderson, who became a leftwing media darling after posting on Facebook that he had bought affordable healthcare for the first time in his life is backtracking on his story, after his father denied his claims.  Besides lying about enrolling in Obamacare, Henderson failed to reveal that he has been a volunteer for Obama’s Organizing for America. since 2007, which makes him less than unbiased.

Furthermore, the $175 dollars a month premium that represents 30% of his before tax income as opposed to the $44.72 a month he could have bought the same policy for on before Obamacare took effect.  Therefore, his claim of affordable is questionable as well.

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US Government Paid Propagandist Committed Perjury

130905-flashpoint-hmed-10p_photoblog600Do you dislike terrorists?  Do you hate the propaganda they put out?  Then why are you paying for it?  You are paying for academic reports on how wonderful the Syrian rebels are and how those nasty beheadings are nothing more than childish pranks.  You also pay for lobbyists in DC, trying to convince our lawmakers to support them?

Elizabeth O’Bagy, who was paid by the British and US government to provide propaganda favorable to the Islamists fighting in Syria, has apparently committed perjury in the trial of American Eric Harroun, who was accused of fighting alongside  al-Nusra in Syria., an Al Qaeda linked group.  O’Bagy submitted an affidavit that his group was not Islamist.Until recently, their web site included a picture of the US Capitol in flames.

Click here to see affidavit.

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For WSJ writer Elizabeth O’Bagy, PHD stands for Piling it Higher and Deeper


082613_syria_600The Syria researcher, who wrote the oft cited OpEd piece by Elizabeth O’Bagy, on the Syrian Conflict was fired for lying about having a PHD.  from Georgetown University.  She also failed to reveal one small little detail. She works for the Syrian Emergency Task Force, a nonprofit group who advocates for Al Qaeda and other opposing forces in Syria.  And let us not forget the best part. Who pays for this propaganda?  You do.

The main problem is that she has caught the ear of many of our leaders.  She has been cited by John McCain, John Kerry, and others.  David Reaboi, vice president for strategic communications at the Center for Security Policy., said that O’Bagy’s op ed piece is an extremely serious case of conflict of interest.

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Did John Kerry use a picture from 2003 to push for war in Syria in 2013?

Iragphoto-300x169It looks like someone has some explaining to do.

According to a post at Infowars, John Kerry allegedly used a picture showing rows of dead bodies to push for war in Syria.  But it turns out the picture in question was not taken in Syria, nor was it taken after the recently reported chemical attack.  Turns out it was taken in 2003.  In Iraq.

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