Liberal hate machine falsely claims Fox News told young people not to vote, low-infos outraged

guilfoyleLed by the George Soros-funded Media Matters, the liberal hate machine falsely claimed that Fox News’ Kimberly Guilfoyle told young people not to vote.  Naturally, low-information voters fell for the lie and expressed outrage.  Even Leonard Nimoy fell for the lie.

Did Guilfoyle really say young people shouldn’t vote?  Not really, Twitchy said.

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School assignment: ‘Allah the one and only god’

statue-of-liberty-crying315Where are the atheists from the Freedom From Religion Foundation when you really need them?  Imagine what would happen if this was a Christian assignment handed out in a public high school.  No doubt, the anti-Christian left would be apoplectic by now with rage.

Except this assignment had nothing to do with Christianity.  According to a post at Mad World News, Jennette Hall of Jenison, Michigan, was in disbelief when her 10th grade daughter showed her an assignment in which she was to make a pro-Islam pamphlet that would fit curriculum suitable for third graders.

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Obama propaganda poster spotted in Utah high school classroom

obama-worshipThis is the sort of thing one expects to see in places like the former Soviet Union or Nazi Germany, not the United States.  Unfortunately, now that Barack Obama is president, we’re seeing more and more of this kind of “worship.”

A picture posted to Twitter Tuesday morning is said to be of an Obama propaganda poster posted in front of a classroom at Herriman High School in Herriman, Utah.

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Nazi-era anti-Semitic propaganda handed out at pro-Palestinian rally — in Chicago

protest2Not that long ago, I said the one difference between Hamas and the Nazis was the native language spoken by members of the two organizations.

According to a post at Legal Insurrection, it seems supporters of Hamas have decided to recycle the same propaganda used by Hitler’s thugs.

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Video: Ben Shapiro shreds CNN for anti-Israel bias — on CNN

shapiro-cnnBen Shapiro is not one for holding back or soft-pedaling the truth, especially when facing liberals in the media.

While appearing on CNN Monday, Shapiro let it be known that Israel has suffered in the court of public opinion, thanks to outlets like CNN.

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Video indicates UN school attack blamed on Israel appears to have been staged

falsestoryOn Sunday, the State Department rushed to condemn Israel for “shelling”  a UN school in Rafah, killing ten civilians.

Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer, however, said the State Department rushed to condemn Israel as the incident was still under investigation.  According to Dermer, Israel never shelled the school in its attack on members of Islamic Jihad.  Now, a video has emerged indicating that Hamas staged the aftermath to present a false picture of what really happened.

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Video: WaPo cartoonist depicts Netanyahu punching baby in the face

Media biasThis is a prime example of what I call the Democrat-media complex, the propaganda machine that wants you to think they’re giving you “news” when in fact, they distort and twist everything so bad that up is down and evil is good.

That was the case with a disgusting video created by a Washington Post cartoonist for its YouTube channel.  In it, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is shown punching a baby in the face.

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Video: Iraqi ad portrays ISIS fighters as snake-handling ghouls

ISISObama dithers with contradictory statements on Iraq as ISIS takes city after city in its effort to create an Islamic caliphate.

But Iraq isn’t sitting still, and has produced a bizarre propaganda ad portraying ISIS fighters as some form of deranged, gap-toothed snake charming ghouls who can’t survive the sunlight.  The video was uploaded to YouTube last week, The Wire reported.

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Video: Bundy’s comments appear to have been taken out of context

BundyIf the Democrat-media complex is to be believed, Cliven Bundy is a racist who deserves to be droned out of existence because he allegedly wants to bring back slavery.

But videos posted earlier Thursday seem to show that the New York Times and other outlets took Bundy’s comments out of context in an apparent effort to demonize Bundy and his supporters.  I know that may come as a surprise, but it is what it is.

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Obama’s Big Lie occasioned partly by Americans’s inability to handle the truth

Obana sweatingAnother country heard from. A day after liberal political columnist Cynthia Tucker offered up her best dog-ate-homework explanation for why Barack Obama deserves only some of the blame for lying through his teeth to the American people about the fate of their health care policies, along comes Michael Cohen of the Century Foundation, a progressive think tank, to try his hand at conjuring.

Like Tucker’s, Cohen’s feat of alchemy, which appears in New York’s Daily News, mentions the fact-checking website Politifact as the ultimate truthometer. He quotes their report that Obama “said at least 34 times that ‘if you like your health care plan, you can keep it.’ That statement,” Cohen goes on to add, “was not completely true, and it’s a lie that is today causing the President no end of political headaches.”

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