MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough claims Ferguson riots giving ammo to unnamed ‘right-wing nuts’

scarboroughJoe Scarborough, the alleged “Republican” on MSNBC (a.k.a. the official network of insane liberal hate), decided Monday to falsely claim that the riots in Ferguson are giving unnamed “right-wing nuts” the ammo they need to attack politicians on both sides.

“These looters, some of whom may not even be from Ferguson, are giving right-wing nuts all of the ammunition they need to attack politicians on both sides who are trying to preach restraint, to do what, you know, Rand Paul said last week, and what — I bring him up just because Republicans are finally starting to talk out on this,” he said.

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Think Progress editor: ‘I hope Roger Ailes dies slow, painful, and soon’

ailesI’ve said it many times — liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of rage and hate.  Liberals prove me right every single day.

On Thursday, Alan Pyke, the Deputy Economic Policy Editor for Think Progress, expressed a desire to see Roger Ailes die.  Pyke, by the way, describes himself on Twitter as “reflexively assholish.”  At least he got that part right…

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Dem senator adds fuel to fire, calls Brown shooting ‘execution-style’ murder

Jamilah NasheedAs Renee Nal wrote yesterday, there are already enough agitators in Ferguson, Mo., to inflame the already-raw emotions of the black community over the police shooting of black teen Michael Brown. The details of the incident are still being sorted out by investigators, but Al Sharpton is already on the scene, as are a host of “civil rights groups” to whip the town into a frenzy. There is no need for Missouri State Sen. Jamilah Nasheed to add her two cents, but there she was last night on MSNBC’s “All In” with Chris Hayes, doing precisely that.

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Stephen King bashes Christians on illegal immigration, gets clock cleaned on Twitter

Stephen-King_lThere’s nothing more annoying than snobby, hate-filled, hypocritical liberals who sneer at others from their ivory towers.  Case in point: Stephen King.

King decided to bash Christians and the Tea Party over illegal immigration on Twitter — because that’s one thing liberals just love to do.  And for his trouble, he got his clock cleaned.

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Lib hatemonger Mike Dickinson defends bounty for nude photos of teen hunter Kendall Jones

dickinsonOn Friday, CBS DFW reported that “left wing liberal” Mike Dickinson, the unhinged hatemonger seeking the House seat currently held by Eric Cantor, R-Va., despite not actually being on the ballot, defended his $100,000 bounty for nude photos of Kendall Jones, the 19-year-old Texas Tech cheerleader who sparked controversy with photos of animals she hunted.

“I really deplore Kendall Jones,” he told talk show hosts Shan & RJ on 105.3 The Fan.  “She’s everything that’s wrong with America and with the way things are. We glorify this girl for going overseas and taking advantage of lax loopholes and killing these endangered animals. For fun — not to feed anybody — for fun.”

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Va. Dem. Mike Dickinson: ‘A dead teabagger is a good teabagger’

Mike-DickinsonMike Dickinson, the unhinged Virginia nutjob who wants the House seat currently held by Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., issued a tweet Wednesday expressing his desire to see members of the Tea Party dead.

“A dead teabagger is a good teabagger,” he said in a tweet responding to a critic.  “Terrorists.”

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Liberal hatemonger to conservative mom: ‘I would love to let a jackass rape you’

lynchmobIn late June, I wrote about Holly Fisher, a conservative mother whose baby lost her heart doctor due to Obamacare.  She’s been busy since then, posting a photo on Twitter that made liberals’ heads explode across the country.

Naturally, Twitchy said Sunday, liberals responded as they always do – with hate.  But one hatemonger went the extra mile to establish his liberal creds by telling Fisher he’d like to see her raped and stoned.

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Classy: Feminist moonbat Jessica Valenti proposes ‘safe-sex f*ck-in at every Hobby Lobby’

hobbylobby1Liberal heads have been exploding all day after the Supreme Court ruled that “closely held” companies do not have to pay for certain contraceptives based on their religious views.

Some have suggested burning down every Hobby Lobby store in retaliation, but Guardian columnist and self-described “feminist author” (translate: moonbat) Jessica Valenti had another idea.

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Barack Obama suggests Republicans aren’t patriotic

obama-stink-2-550x393While speaking at a Washington-area fundraiser for congressional Democrats, Barack Obama went even lower than normal and suggested today’s Republicans aren’t even patriotic, Kieth Koffler wrote.

Here’s the comment in context as reported by Koffler:

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Authorities investigating email threats against Rep. Trey Gowdy

GowdyLiberalism, as I’ve said many times before, is an ideology of rage and hate.  After being tapped to head up the select committee on Benghazi, Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., was the target of threatening emails, Politico reported Tuesday.

According to Politico, reporters and journalists at other outlets received two emails on Tuesday warning that the South Carolina Republican would be harmed because of his leading role in investigating the 2012 attacks that saw the deaths of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens.

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