Video: Anti-gun Oregon lawmaker refuses to answer basic questions about gun registration form

burdick-1In a video posted Tuesday by Laughing at Liberals, Ginny Burdick, the rabidly anti-gun Oregon Democrat who once laughed about a shooting victim, refused to answer even basic questions about a gun registration form.

Not only does she refuse to answer basic questions, she surrounded herself with five police officers to protect her from a citizen journalist with a camera.

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Video: Gun owners in Buffalo shred gun registration forms on SAFE Act deadline day

NY_SAFE_Act_pageTuesday was the deadline for gun owners in New York to register firearms the state has deemed “assault weapons.”

But it seems some decided not to register their weapons, and decided to shred registration forms instead. Continue reading

Former Justice Stevens wants to change the Second Amendment

Former Justice John Paul Stevens would like to change the Second Amendment.

Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens thinks the Second Amendment should be changed and he says so in the pages of his new book, an excerpt of which was published by the Washington Post, igniting a new debate about gun rights.

Justice Stevens would like to add five words to the amendment: “when serving in the militia,” right after “shall not be infringed.”

It is almost as though the retired jurist is contending that, because he did not care for the 5-4 ruling in the Heller case that affirmed the Second Amendment protects an individual right to have a firearm, he now wants to change the constitution. Continue reading

Deadly force debate erupts anew after jury acquittal in car theft shooting


Renewed focus on using deadly force to stop property crimes is one result of the Spokane verdict that acquitted a man on manslaughter charges for killing a suspected car thief.

When a Spokane, Wash., jury acquitted a local man of manslaughter charges for the March 2013 shooting death of a man who was trying to seal his SUV, it provided new fuel for a long-burning debate over the use of lethal force to protect property.

Gail Gerlach is a free man today after the 11-woman, one-man  jury deliberated for only a few hours, and then deciding separately that he was justified in his actions, thus setting the stage for state reimbursement of his legal defense bills, which could come to an estimated $300,000.

The family of the dead man, 25-year-old Brendon Kaluza-Graham, was distraught over the verdict, and his grandmother told reporters that her grandson was “a sacrificial lamb.” Continue reading

Thousands rally against New York gun control law in Albany

nygunrallyOn Monday, an estimated 3,000 people rallied outside New York’s state capitol in Albany to protest the state’s SAFE Act, the gun control law signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in January.

“Dozens” of others rallied inside the capitol building in support of gun control.

Dougherty added:

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Marine veteran evaluates new Colt AR15A4

AR15A4_Colt-e1395948222215Colt has come out with an updated model to replace the old AR15A2.  They have corrected problems that the older model has and was evaluated by Robb Manning, a former marine and current writer for Gun Digest.

And now, you can own one yourself by following the link inside and filling out a ticket for the raffle where you can get an AR15A4 for your very own for free.  Read the article (which should drive Piers Morgan and Diane Feinstein crazy) then enter to win one. Continue reading

Feinstein Asks Obama to Ban Semi-Automatic Weapons Imports


Diane Feinstein is upset that she could not pass new gun legislation, so now she is trying to get it without congress.  Using the 1968 Gun Control Act, she has asked Obama to have the ATF, change their definition of a sporting gun.

She wants them to ban the import of all guns that can hold more than 10 shots.  That was never the intent of the original law and all shooting competitions would be wiped out.  A redefinition of the law is probably illegal, but this administration never lets that get in their way. Continue reading

NJ CEO to State Assembly, “We Will Not Comply” to New Gun Law


In New Jersey, the legislature is attempting to pass a new control law that would prohibit almost every gun that has a magazine that holds more than 10 shots.  The Assembly has already passed it but not by enough to override a veto.

They allowed just 3 hours of testimony before passing the bill.  The Senate must pass it, then on to Gov Christie, who has a spotty record on gun control and gun rights.  On one hand, he speaks of the benefits of gun control, but recently, he vetoed a law to ban .50 caliber weapons.  He has not yet said where he stands on the law. Continue reading

‘We have a sworn responsibility to protect, defend Constitution’

Concealed pistols will soon be legal on Idaho college and university campuses.

Concealed pistols will soon be legal on Idaho college and university campuses.

Idaho Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter has signed legislation allowing concealed carry on public college and university campuses starting July 1, and in the process reminded politicians everywhere that upholding the Constitution is not always easy or popular.

“As elected officials,” he wrote in a letter to Senate President Brad Little, “we have a sworn responsibility to protect and defend the Constitution – not only when doing so is easy, convenient or without cost, but especially when it is not. This legislation challenges us to fulfill that charge.”

He said a few other things that defy political correctness as well. The new law takes effect July 1, and it did not pass without protest by anti-gunners. But the Gem State has a heavy population of gun owners, and there is no evidence that legal guns on campus have caused problems in either Utah or Colorado, western states where the right to carry on campus has already been upheld in the courts. Continue reading

‘Armed citizen made this country free,’ says Wis. sheriff


Two top cops in the Great Lakes area support armed citizens and acknowledge they should fight back.

“The armed citizen made this country free. The armed citizen will keep this country free.”

So spoke Milwaukee County, Wis., Sheriff  David A. Clarke Saturday at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, and his remarks are already drawing flak from Badger State gun prohibitionists.

But Clarke is undaunted in his support for the Second Amendment, and neither is he backing down from earlier advice to citizens about arming up and being prepared to defend themselves rather than calling 911 and expecting a policeman to perform a nick-of-time rescue.

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