On this Memorial Day

mdaToday while political battles continue in DC and across the nation, Memorial Day offers us the chance for all Americans…NO matter our race, creed, religion or color…to unite together and remember the one thing we all we have in common…gratitude…gratitude for those who served…gratitude for the brave men and women who proudly wore but sadly died wearing our nation’s uniform…gratitude so that we can go to that beach and can enjoy that barbecue. Continue reading

Goodbye freedom: Facebook’s Muslim overlords decide what you may or may not read

Facebook-censorshipOn Friday, I wrote an article about a Muslim religious edict that allegedly said Muslim men can eat their wives if they are starving.  The report was based on something published by the Jerusalem Post and included counter-claims by the Grand Mufti who denied having ever written the edict.

Nevertheless, within about 20 minutes, Facebook decided to censor the article, effectively saying you, the reader, should not be allowed to see it.

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At Easter and Passover…On God, Country, and Obama

happy easter happy passover(Author’s Note: I have been asked by some of my blog readers to run this Op-ed again as it is as pertinent today as when I wrote it in 2012.)

During this Holy Week for both Christians and Jews, let us remember and honor the freedoms we enjoy as Americans, the rights and privileges we sometimes take for granted, and let us celebrate in the knowledge that we live in the greatest nation the world has ever known. Let us remember our loved ones lost, and pray that our brave men and women in uniform are kept safe and out of harm’s way. Let us find comfort in knowing that as we celebrate the Resurrection and the freeing of the Jews from bondage in Egypt, we should rejoice in knowing that our dearly departed loved ones have already been welcomed into God’s Kingdom.

I pray that as we Christians and Jews celebrate freedom, restoration, redemption, and resurrection that we see this from both a spiritual and from a here and now perspective. The spiritual is obvious, the here and now not so much so, as our beloved America is at a dangerous crossroads. Do we return to God and the principals our Founding Fathers laid down in the Constitution or do we continue down Obama’s path of destruction of all this country was founded upon and all we hold dear. It is up to us, ‘We the People,’ to choose the path which we will follow. Continue reading

Moroccan-born mayor to Dutch Muslims: ‘F**k off’ if you don’t like freedom – Video

mayorAhmed Aboutaleb, the Moroccan-born mayor of Rotterdam, had a simple and straightforward message to Muslims who don’t like freedom: “F**k off.”

Moreover, he told them that if they don’t like freedom, they can pack their trash and leave the country.  “‘It is incomprehensible that you can turn against freedom,” he said while appearing on current affairs program Nieuwsuur (Newshour).  “But if you don’t like freedom, for heaven’s sake pack your bags and leave.”

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Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary warns of ‘blood bath’ if West doesn’t stifle freedom to appease Muslims

shariadfgsWhile appearing on the Ben Shapiro Show Thursday, radical Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary warned of a “blood bath” if western democracies do not change their laws to suit followers of Islam.

“It would surely be better for them…to change their laws” to consider the sensibilities of Muslims.  “Or,” he added, “do we want a blood bath on our hands” because some want to hold to the principle of free speech.

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CAIR: Muslims ‘uncomfortable’ in America’s ‘free’ society

CAIRPresentsNewBookTundraTabEvery once in a while someone says or tweets something that exposes their truly heart-felt opinion.

Such was the case Tuesday when CAIR issued a tweet saying Muslims are uncomfortable in America’s free society.

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Gun owners revolt in Connecticut, fail to register firearms, magazines

You want my guns, come and take them

You want my guns, come and take them

Legislators in Connecticut are concerned because many gun owners have failed to register their large-capacity magazines.

Some owners missed the registration deadline of Dec. 31. This was due to last minute attempts by several of them; they cite post office closings early, around noon, on New Year’s Eve as the reason.

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Poll says nearly one-third of Americans believe armed revolt may be necessary

It only took three-percent of the population to win independence from Great Britiain. Today our freedom is in jeopardy again, and a recent poll shows that nearly ten times that percentage of the population believes an armed revolution may be necessary to preserve liberty.

According to aRevPoll poll conducted April 22-28, 2013 by Fairleigh Dickinson University, nearly one-third of Americans believe that another armed revolt could become necessary within the next few years to preserve liberty and protect individual rights.

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Video: Obama’s TSA warns travelers that jokes about security could result in arrest

shredded-300x284A video posted Saturday at Saving the Republic shows how far America has fallen.

It seems we are no longer a nation where free speech is celebrated and encouraged.  To be blunt, we are now looking more and more like the former Soviet Union where dissent is not allowed and anti-government remarks can get you arrested.

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An open letter to Vladimir Putin

flag and statue of liberty2Dear President Putin,

Recently, you wrote an editorial that ran in The New York Times…basically a letter addressed to ‘We the People’ explaining your stance in regards to Syria, and why you did what you did in brokering the deal requiring Syria to turn over their chemical weapons to international control…which we all know means U(seless) N(ations) control.

And so far it seems your deal is holding as your Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and our Secretary of State John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry worked out the fine points, and Bashar al-Assad has agreed in turn to follow through on his pledge to surrender his weapons…yet he gets to keep his bio-weapons…and that in and of itself shows just how calculating you, Mr. Putin, and al-Assad both are. Calculating and clever like foxes for you both have made Barack HUSSEIN Obama appear even more impotent and incompetent as a leader than ‘We the People’ already knew he was for he missed the obvious while keeping his eyes focused on exactly where you wanted his focus to be…on chemical weapons alone.
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