Advice to GOP candidates: ‘It’s the economy and Obamacare, stupid’


clipartist.comAs this year’s midterm primary and general elections approach, analysts in many quarters are preparing for a sweeping Republican victory that may fundamentally change the balance of power in Washington, D.C. The collapse of Obamacare at the starting line, a faltering economy and deteriorating conditions around the world from Syria to the Ukraine make a Democratic implosion seem all but assured. In fact, to paraphrase cartoonist Walt Kelly, the greatest threat to a Republican victory may be the Republican candidates themselves.

2012 was proof that, even if voters are dissatisfied with Democrats, they still need a reason to vote for Republicans. Merely being opposed to Obamacare and higher taxes will not be enough in many cases.  Voters are not flocking to the GOP even though approval of Obama and the Democrats is falling.  In 2012, several flawed Republican candidates who did not connect with voters – or worse, alienated them – preserved Democratic control of the Senate for at least two more long years.

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Americans still like Obama. His policies? Not so much.

Obama appears to be giving somebody the finger A new poll by AP-GfK released on Jan. 23 reveals that even though most Americans like Barack Obama personally, many think that he is a poor president.  The poll found that while Obama’s image has rebounded in the months since the government shutdown, people are still pessimistic about the economy and the direction of the country.   The poll showed that President Obama’s likability had increased by nine percent since the end of the government shutdown in October.  Fifty-eight percent of Americans now view the president as very or somewhat likeable. Continue reading

ABC reporter engages in journalism, says White House threatening default on debt ceiling

carney2ABC News’ Jonathan Karl actually engaged in a bit of real journalism when he called out White House press spokesman Jay Carney over Obama’s refusal to negotiate with Republicans on the debt ceiling, adding that it’s the White House that’s actually threatening default, not the GOP House.

Carney claimed Republicans are engaged in an “all out civil war” with conservatives pushing for a shutdown.  But as The Blaze points out, that’s not what Republicans want.

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The Dawning of the Age of Obama

Barak Obama-United States-Politics

The Nazis were famous for boldly lying through their teeth and then passing off that lie as the truth.  It was a remarkable record that stood alone until 2009.  Their once impressive record has not merely been beaten but has been smashed by Barack Obama.  To believe his latest prevarication, not only would you have to as Hillary once said, have to practice the suspension of disbelief.

Obama makes the absurd claim that the Keystone Pipeline would create only 2100 jobs.  Forget the rhetoric on both sides for a moment and let’s look at the raw numbers.  The pipeline would be 1179 miles long.  That’s 2100 people to manufacture the pipes, fittings, valves, and accessories, transport the pipes and fittings all along the 1179 mile route, provide food and lodging for the construction crews, and lay the pipeline.  Could it be done?  Sure if you wouldn’t mind waiting 40 years for the pipeline to be built. Continue reading

Fast Food Brain Surgeons Want Huge Pay Increase

A protester holds up a sign at a demonstration outside McDonald's in Times Square in New York

In seven cities across America, fast food workers, sponsored by the SEIU, will be picketing and demanding their pay be increased to $15.25 an hour.  Don’t they know they live in the United States of America?  You don’t like your pay, take your massive amount of burger flipping experience to Google or Microsoft.  They pay the kind of money you want.

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Kevin Jackson: ‘Liberals purposely torpedoed this economy’

Congress Returns To Work As Fiscal Cliff Deadline LoomsKevin Jackson, a conservative, national speaker, radio show host, and author said today that Liberals want to destroy this economy so bad that they purposely torpedoed this economy in order to gain more control of it.

On his radio show, Jackson explained, “We believe things because it gets reinforced and you never stop to just go wait a minute, that doesn’t make logical sense.” Continue reading