Left-leaning media bailing on Hillary; treats people ‘like they’re stupid’

hillaryLong considered by many on the right side of the aisle as essentially nothing more than the Ministry of Propaganda for the Democratic Party, the same conservatives may have to re-think their take on some of the personalities in establishment media.

As the reporters of The Washington Free Beacon (WFB) have penned in a number of different articles, a slew of talking heads at the MSNBC, CNN and NBC News networks are saying things about Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton that very possibly could be mistaken for Republican Party talking points.

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CNN’s Don Lemon: There may come a day when we remove Thomas Jefferson from U.S. Capitol – Video

Thomas_Jefferson_Memorial_StatueThe effort to rewrite U.S. history continues, this time on CNN.  After making a former congressman look racist, CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield brought on Don Lemon to discuss the issue.

Lemon didn’t disappoint, telling Banfield there may come a time when we will need to discuss removing a monument to Thomas Jefferson from the U.S. Capitol because he once owned slaves.  Video of that can be seen below:

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Fake black NAACP prez Rachel Dolezal: Only blacks should lead #BlackLivesMatter movement

dolezal3The story surrounding Spokane NAACP president Rachel Dolezal, the “fake black” woman outed as white by her parents Friday, continues to get even stranger.

While appearing on Anderson Cooper 360, activist Marc Lamont Hill said he was acquainted with Dolezal, and heard her say that only black people should lead the so-called #BlackLivesMatter movement that arose last year in the wake of police action against blacks.

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Video: Ben Shapiro shreds CNN for anti-Israel bias — on CNN

shapiro-cnnBen Shapiro is not one for holding back or soft-pedaling the truth, especially when facing liberals in the media.

While appearing on CNN Monday, Shapiro let it be known that Israel has suffered in the court of public opinion, thanks to outlets like CNN.

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Son of Hamas founder to CNN: Hamas seeks destruction of Israel, global Islamic caliphate

Yousef-son-of-HamasWhile appearing on CNN, Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of a founding member of Hamas, told Don Lemon that the terror group is not just seeking the complete destruction of Israel — it wants a global Islamic caliphate.

“Hamas is not seeking coexistence and compromise. Hamas is seeking conquest and taking over,” he said.  “And by the way, the destruction of the State of Israel is not Hamas’s final destination. Hamas final destination is building the Islamic caliphate, which means an Islamic state under rubble of every other civilization.”

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Video: Israeli ambassador shreds CNN for biased reporting on Gaza

dermerWhile appearing on CNN, Ron Dermer, Israel’s ambassador to the U.S., shredded the network for its blatantly biased reporting on the conflict in Gaza.

Dermer destroyed CNN for not reporting that the U.N. Secretary General warned that Hamas is using U.N. schools as bases for rocket attacks.

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CNN declares Michelle Obama has power to sign bills into law

costelloAs First Lady, Michelle Obama has no authority to approve or sign legislation, although there is no doubt she has a certain amount of influence over her husband.

But it seems CNN isn’t aware of that basic fact, for Carol Costello announced — with a straight face, no less — that Mrs. Obama signed a piece of legislation into law.

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Ted Nugent: ‘I got Piers Morgan’s a*s thrown out’ at CNN, Don Lemon, Wolf Blitzer next

nugent1Motor City Madman Ted Nugent took credit for Piers Morgan’s program being canceled at CNN. He also said Don Lemon and Wolf Blitzer are next.

According to Talking Points Memo, the outspoken gun rights activist made the statement while appearing with Erin Burnett Monday night.

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CNN panel yuks it up over ‘good cunnilingus joke’

Anderson CooperIt’s no secret that CNN’s fortunes have been on the decline. Mindful that it is hemorrhaging viewers, the network has been busy seeking solutions, including — as Kevin Whiteman reported late last month — developing “more compelling programming.”

And what could be more compelling than a good joke on cunnilingus? How about an anecdote by Anderson Cooper in which he revealed that his own elderly mother had “been serviced,” if you will, by “the Nijinsky of cunnilingus”?

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Obama lied, but all presidents do it, right?

The doctored image of Barack ObamaGive CNN and ABC News.com Senior Political Editor Z. Byron Wolf credit. At least in his article at the network’s website, Wolf didn’t write, as the New York Times Editorial Board did yesterday, that Barack “Obama clearly misspoke when he said,” If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance. (A person can be said to have misspoken when he says something once that turns out to be incorrect or untrue. When an individual makes the same claim two dozen times, each punctuated by the emphatic exclamation “Period,” he is way past simply misspeaking.)

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