Benghazi: The Truth Exposed…Part 3 of 3

By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen

After the attacks in Benghazi many questions remained that needed answers even after the Johnny-come-lately FBI investigation said all had been answered, and those who wanted to protect the Obama regime by refusing to answer them was in full operational mode. The Rose Garden speech blaming the video…Obama jetting off to Vegas for a fund raiser…Susan Rice spreading the video nonsense on five Sunday shows… Hillary and Obama blaming the video at the memorial service as the caskets of Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty arrived…and more of Obama’s blathering on about the video ruse at the U(seless) N(ations). We do NOT need to go into details with which everyone is already all too familiar. What we must do however, is connect the most disturbing of dots. Let’s begin with the ‘stand down’ orders.

Issuing a ‘stand down’ order does follow a specific chain of command, and the one relating to Benghazi would go like this, in order from top to bottom…President, Secretary of Defense, Secretary’s of the various armed services (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines), Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the various Chiefs of Staff for each military service, the Commanding General for AFRICOM, and the local command structure under AFRICOM.
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Benghazi: the truth exposed…Part 2 (of 3)

steven's draggedMy RIGHT SIDE PATRIOT partner and owner of The National Patriot, Craig Andresen, and I have teamed up to expose the truth about Benghazi…the truth the media…including FOX News…will NOT tell you. And as they say, ‘the devil is in the details’…and those details can be found buried within the entirety of ‘The U.S. Senate Select Committee on INTELLIGENCE REVIEW of the Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Facilities in Benghazi’ and NOT within the abbreviated version the media ‘sold’ to the public.

These details are so critical and so ignored that Craig and I are doing a three-part series running today and tomorrow in our respective blogs and on Facebook leading up to our RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS radio show this Wednesday at 2pm. Comprising our full second hour starting at 3pm, Craig and I will break down our finds into even more details…details and facts Obama and Hillary need to be kept hidden for fear that both a Constitutional crisis and their respective arrests might be in the making. Please visit Craig’s blog first (Part 1) as he exposes the events leading up to Benghazi.

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Barack Obama, the new Trent Dilfer

obamaIs Obama the Democratic Ronald Reagan? A liberal columnist raised the question over the weekend, and a conservative columnist answered. But those who are looking for Obama’s analog among past presidents are barking up the wrong tree. There is a past leader — at least nominally so — to whom Obama bears a striking resemblance, but he is not a former president. He is onetime Baltimore Ravens quarterback Trent Dilfer.

Dilfer was the NFL team’s official signal caller in 2000, the year Baltimore won its first Super Bowl. The team itself was absurdly lopsided, boasting a stellar defense (which accounted for a disproportionate number of its scoring plays) and an at-best serviceable offense. Dilfer, the journeyman at the helm, was so mediocre that one sportswriter summed up the Super Bowl XXXV victory by allowing as how Dilfer “didn’t make costly mistakes, and was supported by a dominant defense.”

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Another traitor in the fold

morrell“Chairman, I do not know who took al-Qaeda out of the talking points, but you should know that I myself made a number of changes to the points.”
- Michael Morrell at Wednesday’s Benghazi hearing

Simply…the media generated story about a YouTube video being the cause of the attacks on our Benghazi compound was NOTHING but a LIE created to cater to the political ambitions of Barack HUSSEIN Obama…period.

And the Obama administration…ALL in the Obama administration…knew this from day one, and that includes former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morrell, who in Wednesday’s Benghazi hearings before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, outright denied he covered-up or “inappropriately altered and influenced” the now infamous Benghazi talking points, and did so in an effort to downplay if NOT outright dismiss the role of terrorism in the attacks…to distance the media ‘anointed’ savior of us all from everything Benghazi before it tainted his re-election bid.

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Cuts to our military and Susan Rice’s arrogance have me actually seething

“Secretary Hagel has been clear that, while we do not want to, we ultimately must slow the growth of military pay and compensation.” - Admiral John Kirby, Defense Department spokesman

Seething…I’m actually seething as once again the very people who lay their lives on the line to keep us safe and free at home are being both dishonored and put in harm’s way as muslim sympathizing, Obama-loving Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is recommending major cuts to our military… especially to the Army. And he’s adding in for good measure a one-year freeze on military pay raises for officers, higher out-of-pocket costs for health-care benefits, and less monies for housing allowances for both our returning troops and our vets, in an all out effort to cut billions of dollars from our defense budget.
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Obama’s ambassador problem

Noah Bryson MametNo, this is not apt to rise to the ranks of the other “phony scandals” plaguing the Obama administration, such as the IRS targeting of conservative groups or Benghazi. But it does put the lie to another Obama promise, this one his “commitment to making Washington work better, and rebuilding the trust of the people who sent us here.”

The president is not by definition a Beltway insider, yet he plays the political quid pro quo game as well as the most seasoned DC denizen.

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Benghazi and the race card…tied tightly together

never forget benghazi1Benghazi must NOT be allowed to be swept under the rug. Benghazi must be kept before the eyes of the public NO matter how many times the Obama administration tries to silence those who refuse to be silenced.

And with that I want to start with the bottom line that many in the Republican hierarchy will just NOT accept, and that is by John Boehner refusing to initiate a special select committee to investigate Benghazi, he is actually standing between both the families of those murdered, ‘We the People,’ and the all-important truth.

And why is he refusing…to cover his own cowardliness and fear is why.
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Radical cleric calls for Obama admin. to embroil America in Syrian jihad


American Jihadist

American Jihadist

The Syrian civil war has brought extremists from different parts of the world to the region; they come to fight jihad. Currently there are said to be at least 50 French citizens fighting jihad in Syria, and around 70 Americans.

The dream of most radicals is to become a martyr for their faith. According to their holy book, the following is what awaits them: “Verily, for the Muttaqun [righteous], there will be a success (paradise); gardens and grapeyards; and young full-breasted (mature) maidens of equal age; and a full cup (of wine)” (An-Naba 78:31-34).”

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Hillary now ‘regrets’ Benghazi…we’ve always regretted Hillary

hillary2“My biggest regret is what happened in Benghazi.” – Hillary Clinton 1/27/14

Oh dear…Hillary ‘What Does It Matter’ Clinton now suddenly has had a change of heart…mind you a year and a half later that is…and ‘regrets’ the happenings in Benghazi.

Sorry, but what Hillary ‘regrets’ is that Benghazi is the albatross hanging around the neck of her 2016 oh-so-wanted presidential run and NOTHING more.
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The media and the truth…diametrically opposed

Some important happenings this past week…as the one-year anniversary of Mohamed Morsi’s ouster is fast approaching, four explosions rocked the center of Cairo, Egypt and people with machine guns were firing on civilians after the explosions. All shop windows within the surrounding areas were shattered. The dead and injured were taken to area hospitals…and the coverage of this has been slim.

The Supreme Court will soon hear the ‘Abramski’ case concerning the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) attempting to create laws on their own. Claiming universal background checks in regards to straw purchases isn’t a law but is a gross government overreach and an illegal expansion of the Gun Control Act of 1968, this case cuts to the heart of our Second Amendment rights… and the media has given this NO coverage at all.
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