There is a bright side to Tea Party losses



David Thornton is a Tea Party supporter since the earliest days. This was the Atlanta 2009 Tea Party.

David Thornton is a Tea Party supporter since the earliest days. This was the Atlanta 2009 Tea Party.

As the 2014 primary election season draws to a close, Republican voters have rejected the vast majority of Tea Party candidates in favor of incumbent Republicans. In spite of much ballyhooed and hard fought challenges against Republican congressmen, only one prominent Republican, Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) was defeated by a Tea Party challenger, Dave Brat, who was not funded or backed by national Tea Party groups. The Tea Party losses may actually be a good thing for the Republican Party as a whole and could make a Republican Senate majority more likely.


As noted before in Examiner, most Republican officeholders are real conservatives. Charges that they are “RINOs” or “closet liberals” do not stand up to the scrutiny of their voting records. Nevertheless, Tea Party challengers leveled these and other charges against Republican incumbents in their campaign attacks from the right.

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Why ‘moderate’ Muslims aren’t speaking out against extremists

02-300x194Whether its CAIR, former President Jimmy Carter, or just your garden-variety liberal, the pattern is well-established: Islam, the argument goes, is unfairly singled out as a contributor to, if not supporter of, the barbaric policies and practices of jihadists. So ingrained is this hokum in the leftist mindset that no less an apologist than President Barack Obama declared recently that “ISIL speaks for no religion — that despite the fact that the initial “I” in the acronym stands for “Islamic.”

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ISIS Is Coming to America…If They’re NOT Already Here

“I agree that there is no hard evidence…(but) my point is do we need to wait until there’s an attack on America before we secure the border?”
- Texas Governor Rick Perry’s words when asked if he believes ISIS is coming to attack the U.S.

And so it seems that our State Department has now issued yet another of its many ‘travel warnings’ for Americans going to Mexico…another warning to remain ever vigilant as “organized criminal groups” threaten the safety and security of Americans traveling in that country.

“Organized criminal groups” my eye…they’re talking about ISIS but dare NOT admit it. And they know that it’s just a matter of time before ISIS enters our country through our unsecured southern border…and worse…they know that some ISIS members already have. Continue reading

Calculatingly clueless

threat2 jv team cover“ISIS is a JV team.”
Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s ‘expert opinion’ of ISIS this past January

On Obama’s agenda for today…more fundraisers. Heads are rolling…literally…all over the Middle East and off Obama goes to raise more money for the caliphate… ooops…I mean for the Democratic party. So while David Cameron…the Prime Minister of England…raises his country’s terror alert to the highest level…Barack HUSSEIN Obama is hob-nobbing with big money donors, Hollywood liberals with a capital ‘L’, and muslim sympathizers, all while ISIS continues its march across Iraq…all while ISIS continues its incursion into Jordan.

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The Palestinian Crisis is Linked to the ISIS Crisis in Jordan

TOPSHOTS-IRAQ-UNREST-ARMY-EXECUTION“Netanyahu has more connection to me as a Palestinian than the king. Netanyahu’s parents could have been our neighbors in Haifa, while this king’s grandparents never knew what Aman or Jerusalem looked like.” 
- Raed Khammash, a Palestinian-Jordanian opposition leader who lives in exile in California    
As the world continues its descent into hell, Iran is conducting what’s called ‘mechanical’ tests on a new highly advanced centrifuge…a centrifuge NOT part of those currently under UN watch… centrifuges that will be used to refine uranium allowing Iran to garner atomic bomb material much faster than ever before. And if that’s NOT bad enough, it’s now come to light that U.S. troops under Obama’s watch and command trained ISIS members at secret a base in Jordan in 2012.

Florida condo project forced to change name from ISIS

condo27n-1-webWhat’s in a name? The answer to that seemingly benign question has the potential to strike terror into the hearts of apartment owners in West Palm Beach, Fla., which is why developers of a posh new 16-story, 213-unit condominium project have changed the name to 3 Thirty Downtown. The old name? ISIS.

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Gun owners versus ‘gazillionaires’ on gun control

This doesn't alarm people nearly as much as someone carrying a rifle into a restaurant.

A handful of billionaires now including Bill and Melinda Gates have donated big money to pass a gun control initiative in Washington state.

Published reports that Bill and Melinda Gates have donated $1 million to the Initiative 594 gun control campaign in Washington State has fired up the grassroots gun rights activists who are now making it clear they are not about to be beaten by billionaires who have expensive security.

Gun rights activists are alarmed and furious over what they consider is a blatant effort by a handful of wealthy elitists to buy an election. I-594 is an 18-page gun control measure that is largely supported by big money residents of ten Seattle-area zip codes.

The measure being pushed by the Seattle-based Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility, which has raised more than $6 million. It would require background checks on all firearms transfers, not just sales, and the list of exemptions is narrowly tailored.

In addition to Gates, other Microsoft alumni Paul Allen and Steve Ballmer have kicked in small fortunes. Gun rights activists are beginning to wonder why passing this measure is so important. Continue reading

Liberal cautions that U.S. faces a danger in calling ISIS ‘evil’

james dawesWhat would you call a group of well-trained, well-funded, bloodthirsty militants with utterly no qualms about beheading children in its quest to spread its religious fanaticism? The Obama administration, for reasons difficult to fathom, won’t even call the group the name by which every news organization refers to it — ISIS — instead opting for ISIL.

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Obama’s Caliphate…The Truth Exposed

By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen (Right Side Patriots)

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, has backtracked on his previously issued statement that we must take out ISIS in Syria, and now says that he will NOT recommend U.S. military air strikes against ISIS in Syria until he determines that they have become a direct threat to the U.S.

Uh…excuse me but didn’t Dempsey just sit alongside Defense Secretary…and known muslim sympathizer…Chuck Hagel a few short days ago in a joint press briefing, and agree with Hagel when he said ISIS is an “imminent threat to every interest we have” and that ISIS is “beyond anything that we’ve seen.” Yeah…he did. Continue reading

Hey Pakistan…if you don’t condemn you condone

Containment...Obama wants containment and NOTHING more. Guess what…containment will NOT work…will NOT work with the likes of ISIS.

As Iraq is awash in the blood of ISIS victims…as the Israel/Hamas conflict has Israel holding back from doing what needs to be done…as our southern border continues to be breached while this president plays golf…yet another hot spot has started to heat up…again…but this time its ramifications could reach worldwide. Continue reading