Obama and His EPA Suffers Major Setback..Could Have Stopped Oil Drilling

EPAs-McCarthy-pushing-major-climate-initiatives-despite-GOP-oppositionIt’s a good thing this country has judges.  They seem to be the only ones willing to take on and defeat the tyrannical edicts of Barack Obama.

We have just witnessed another case in a federal court in North Dakota.  This was a major win for freedom and states rights.  The EPA tried to take possession of nearly all the water in America, including mud puddles.  Obama was trying to expand the definition of federal waterways, which has traditionally meant navigable bodies of water and land that has run off that enters those navigable waters. Continue reading

Obama Declares War on Women..Cuts 370k For Women’s Health in Kansas

war_on_womenAs if we really needed any proof, it is abundantly clear that Obama couldn’t care two cents if women get the healthcare they need.  He only wants to funnel money into Planned Parenthood and if they don’t get the money, to hell with the women of Kansas.  Planned Parenthood (PPH) has a long history of corruption in Kansas. Continue reading

The Western Wildfires – Obama Declares State of Emergency

Wildfire-InstaPresident Barack Obama declared a State of Emergency in Washington State due to the fires ravaging the area. Firefighters from as far away as New Zealand are helping 29,000 firefighters battle wildfires across the West, as are the soldiers from Joint Base Lewis-McChord, who are set to deploy on Sunday, August 23.

The infernos

The declaration of emergency set the path for FEMA funds to be dispersed into Washington areas hit hard by the fires. Washington had 13 large fires at the time,  Idaho 17, with raging flames that were forcing evacuations in North Idaho, Western Montana, Oregon, Colorado, Washington, and California.

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The Godfather Part 4: Gina McCarthyism Takes Over

EPA_Chief-01c0d-6114The EPA under Barack Obama, Lisa Jackson and now Gina McCarthyism uses methods employed by the mob and racketeers to rob people of their civil rights.

They impose ridiculous fines on people and businesses that would bankrupt them should they try to fight.  These fines are imposed even before it is proven that they are in the wrong, which in most cases they aren’t.  It’s just another strong arm tactic used by the Nazis who have taken over our government for the last 6 1/2 years. Continue reading

Black Ministers Call for Removal of Racist Photo…You’ll Agree

bishop-e-w-jacksonBlack ministers have risen up in order to remove a racist symbol that receives honored status in the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery (NPG) next to such heroes of civil rights like Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks.

All right thinking Americans should support them, and I do, but left minded individuals are fighting to preserve the heinous picture of noted racist Margaret Sanger, who founded Planned Parenthood in order to hold down the population of “defective” people.  (Meaning blacks)  They are demanding all of her pictures and her bust be removed immediately. Continue reading

Illegal Alien Slaughters 3 in Florida

pits_family_deadMurder is always messy but Lt. Matt Sands in Lee County, Florida, said that the three people who were slaughtered by an illegal alien was especially gruesome.

One of his victims was pregnant at the time of her death.  This is just one more in a long string of rapes and murders committed by illegal aliens since Donald Trump brought the subject to the national scene.  Also like the other cases, there was plenty of warning that he was a dangerous person, who Jeh Johnson refuses to have deported because he is one of the bright hopes for the future of our country. Continue reading

Bernie leads Hillary in new poll



The tide may have turned against the formerly presumptive Democratic nominee for president. A poll released August 11 shows that Hillary Clinton is no longer the front-runner in the New Hampshire Democratic primary.

The poll by Franklin Pierce/Boston Herald found Mrs. Clinton trailing Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders by 44-37 percent. Vice President Joe Biden, who has not formally launched a campaign, ran a distant third with nine percent while other Democratic candidates garnered less than one percent each. The poll’s margin of error was 4.7 percentage points.

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Female teen stands between police officers and Ferguson protesters

Female teen stands between police officers and Ferguson protesters

(Fair Use, Wikimedia; Facebook photo of Michael Brown)

In a daring act of courage, a white 19-year-old female, Lexi Kozhevsky, a nursing student attending St. Louis University, stood by herself between a line of police officers and the Ferguson protesters who were there to mark the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death, Fox News Insider reported on Tuesday.

As Missouri officials issued a state of emergency due to the outbreak of violence in Ferguson that included a police-involved shooting Sunday night that left a suspect in critical condition, such violence did not seem to bother Kozhevsky as bottles, rocks, and other objects were thrown at police.
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Radical Islamists Foiled in Plot to Blow Up the Queen

queen-elizabeth-and-her-hats-12The Police and the MI-5 (Equivalent to our FBI) discovered a plot to kill Queen Elizabeth using a series of pressure cooker bombs like the one used in the Boston Marathon bombing.

The plot was to take place next week during a ceremony of the 70th Anniversary of VJ Day, the day the Japanese surrendered during WW2.  Also expected to attend was Prince Charles and Prime Minister David Cameron.  Authorities state the the Queen was the target of the attack. Continue reading

Ironically Delicious: New York Times Hit By Massive Discrimination Suit

NYTThe New York Times loves to point the finger of racism at everything including peanut butter and jelly.  Today the finger is pointing at them and it doesn’t require three psychologists, four spinners and an aversion to the truth to see it.

Our story begins in 2013, when  Meredith Kopit Levien became the executive vice president for advertising.  She held off-site meetings with all the vice presidents in order to hide what she was planning in all likelihood.  At the two meetings, Levien made it clear she was going to do some new evaluations of employees, using a different set of criteria. Continue reading