Try swallowing this ObamaCare pill

As many of you know, last week my dear friend Dori was laid to rest after her 16- month battle with brain cancer…and you know of her family’s battles through the nightmare of the health care fiasco known as ObamaCare. The battle is over for Dori but it has just begun for the rest of us.

And that battle begins with us knowing that ObamaCare is a LIE…NO other way to say it. It is NOT health care nor is it affordable as its actual name…The Affordable Care Act (ACA)…claims it to be. ObamaCare from its inception to its roll out to its subsequent implementation is NOTHING but one big scam to ‘insure’, if you will, the ‘sponges’ of our society so they stay in the voting pocket of the Democratic party and NOTHING else.

Obama loves to claim that to date more than eight million Americans have signed up for health insurance through the exchanges, but the truth is more like eight million Americans have perused the website and put something into their shopping cart, but have NOT paid that all-important first premium…thus denying the program the dollars needed to keep ObamaCare afloat. And Obama knew this would happen for he knows…and has always known…ObamaCare’s inherent flaws.

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IRS demanding Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty to release donor list

IRS demanding Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty to release donor list

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

The non-profit Campaign for Liberty (C4L), founded by former presidential candidate and U.S. Congressman Ron Paul, is fighting a battle with the IRS’s demand that it reveal its donor list to the them, Campaign for Liberty reported on Wednesday.

The IRS has already levied a fine of $12, 900 against the non-profit group, through a letter dated March 24, 2014, for withholding their donor information from their annual 990 filing and the interest will accrue every day April 14, 2014 if the group continues its refusal to pay the fine. Continue reading

RNC sues the IRS for illegally stalling, withholding FOIA request

RNC sues the IRS for illegally stalling, withholding FOIA request

(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

The Republican National Committee (RNC) filed a lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on Tuesday for withholding records sought by the RNC’s 2013 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

In released statement to Republican members through email, the RNC stated that the initial request, dated on May 21, 2013, they sought to review documents and correspondence related to criteria used for reviewing and approving 501(c)(4) tax-exempt organizations. Continue reading

The fix was in: The ObamaCare ruse and numbers that lie

enrollment ends march 31st“There will be additional challenges to implementing the law.”
- Barack HUSSEIN Obama on announcing that ObamaCare met its enrollment deadline numbers

My, my how convenient is this…7.1 million Americans have signed up for ObamaCare by the March 31st deadline and they only needed 7 million to do so. So it seems they added in the .1 for extra good measure I guess.

Like we didn’t know that would happen…just like Obama winning the election in 2012 before the first vote was even cast. The fix was in from day one…or in this case from the October 1st launch date of the anything but functioning enrollment website.

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The ObamaCare happiness continues on

obamacare1“We have made it clear that if, through no fault of their own, they were unable to enroll, that eligibility extends to a delayed enrollment period, and they will have a special enrollment period we have the authority to grant.”
- HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius when asked about the extended ObamaCare enrollment period

And so the happiness that is ObamaCare continues to hurt ‘We the People’… continues to hurt American businesses…and continues to result in massive job losses.

And now the once written in stone March 31st sign-up deadline has been thrown out the window for this past Tuesday the White House said it would be postponing that drop date so they “can squeeze as many people as possible into the program.” Yet another change unilaterally made…number 38 if I’m NOT mistaken…because the numbers to date are nowhere near the numbers needed to keep ObamaCare afloat. And this newest change will apply to the exchanges in three dozen states by extending the enrollment deadline for two to three weeks. Translation: NOT enough young people are enrolling in ObamaCare to carry the older and sicker people who need coverage the most.
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The ‘Race Card’ gets played yet again

“I broke no rules and he broke the decorum of the House.”
- Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrel Issa referring to Elijah E. Cummings’ rants after his mic was turned off.

Sounds good on the surface but Darrel Issa…like so many Republicans before him…cowering in fear of being called a racist changed his tune and ran scared when the race card was indeed thrown at him.
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GOP has chance for pickup in NY-21

temporaryIn the far reaches of upstate New York, two Republicans are seeking the 21st congressional district seat of Democrat Bill Owens, who is retiring according to a January report from the Daily Kos.  Owens is serving his third term in Congress after originally being elected in 2008.  Joe Gilbert, a retired army veteran and Tea Party conservative, will face off against Elise Stefanik, a businesswoman

Joe Gilbert was born in Ogdensburg, N.Y. in 1966 and joined the army reserves at 18 while he was still in high school.  After an abortive attempt at Potsdam State University, he joined the active duty army.  In 1987, he began his military career in Germany guarding the strategic Fulda Gap opposite a Cold War Soviet army.  During this time, Gilbert says he “caught glimpses of the misery and poverty that resulted from an all-powerful government on the other side.”  At the same time, Gilbert began studying college courses.  He earned degrees from the University of Phoenix and the University of Maryland and was selected to attend Officer Candidate School.  Gilbert specialized in military intelligence and after 9/11 served three tours in Iraq.

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Playing devil’s advocate

boehner1“He gave the president exactly what he wanted, which is exactly what the Republican Party said we did not want.” – Rep. Tim Huelskamp R-Kansas

Some traitors are obvious…the names Barack HUSSEIN Obama and Hillary Clinton just roll off the tongue…but sadly some traitors cause one to sigh in total disillusionment…and Speaker of the House John Boehner is one such man…or is he. Continue reading

Except for one…shameful cowards all

To have the inner strength to stand by one’s convictions and act in accordance with those beliefs, especially in spite of criticism…that’s the definition of courage. And those with courage act in defiance of any inner fear of reprisal they might have for they put others before themselves.

I think our Founder’s expected our leaders to be men of courage, especially when attending to ‘the people’s business.’ How disappointed they would be if they saw the Republicans of today cowering in fear before the man, who on Tuesday night, declared himself to be America’s first king…NO…dictator is more like it…for when Barack HUSSEIN Obama basically rendered Congress politically impotent by saying he will bypass them and do what he wants to do…he NOT only trampled on the Constitution, he totally rendered it null and void in his mind.
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Three issues NOT to be forgotten come mid-term election day

14 for 14 aObamaCare, the NSA, Benghazi…it does get tiring hearing about them after awhile I know, but these issues must remain in the forefront as we head into the mid-term elections, for these issues are just the things that might turn Congress around…painting it RED in both Houses.

These issues…scandals some call them…MUST be talked about every chance we get because they go to the very core of what’s wrong with the Obama administration and they all have one thing in common…LIES. But sadly, in the case of Benghazi four Americans who did NOT have to die…did die…and one of them, Ambassador Christopher Stevens…died from unspeakable torture all because of Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s LIES.
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