Tim Tebow Returns to the NFL..Will Play for Eagles..Liberals Cringe

Tebow-NelsonTim Tebow is everything liberals hate.  When he was conceived, his mother was told by her doctors that her child would be abnormal and according to liberals, he is.

His mother refused to have the abortion and after a rough start in life, Tebow overcame his health problems to become a world class athlete.  He led his university to two national championships Continue reading

(Land Grab) Forest Service to Landowner: We Used It, We Abused It, So We Own It

ONFIn what has to be the most ludicrous and bold land grab that I have ever heard of is the argument the US Forest Service (USFS) is making against a private landowner — that because they illegally trespassed on his property and several times damaged parts of his land to the point it could no longer be used, the land should now belong to the USFS.

This is the battle that’s going on between a landowner who owns property adjacent to the Ozark National Forest. Continue reading

Over 20,000 attend Glenn Beck’s massive “All Lives Matter” march

Over 20,000 attend Glenn Beck’s massive “All Lives Matter” march

(Photo taken of the Birmingham Newspaper by Glenn Beck)

On Saturday, Glenn Beck, television personality, radio host, conservative political commentator, author, television network producer, filmmaker, and entrepreneur, led a massive “All Lives Matter” march in Birmingham, Alabama.

News site, AL.com stated that more than 20,000 people joined the march and were chanting “All Lives Matter” and had marched along the historic civil rights route from Kelly Ingram Park to Birmingham City Hall.

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Live broadcast shooting; apparent shooter claims racism

shooterCaution: Video is graphic and disturbing…

News on the live broadcast shooting in Roanoke, Va., is still breaking by the moment.

Yet as of press time, what is known is that two journalists with WDBJ television in southwest Virginia are dead, a member of the local chamber of commerce is shot in the back, and the apparent gunman was a former TV station employee who claimed racism was behind his recent dismissal.

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The Day the EPA Gave Away an American City and 1 million Acres of Land

Riverton3With all the power grabs emanating from the White House and the land grabs by Harry “Century 21″ Reid, you may have missed a major event in US history.

The EPA has given away an American city with over 10,000 residents.  Just like that.  No appeal and no recourse.  And to sweeten the deal they threw in 1 million acres of land. Continue reading

Black Founder of “Black Lives Matter,” Shaun King, is WHITE!!!!

ShaunKIng00012Shades of Rachel Dolezal!!!  Shaun King, one of the founders of “Black Lives Matter” is really white.  Investigators looking into his background have produced evidence that King is white, despite calling himself biracial.

His mother is white and he said his father was white.  That’s not what his birth certificate says.  That certificate says his father was white.  Blogger Vickie Pate has spent much time checking into King’s past and she made the claim that on his birth certificate, his father was a white man.  Breitbart checked with Kentucky Department of Vital Statistics and confirmed that fact. Continue reading

State Department Hid 81,000 Emails From FOIA Requests

statelogoThe State Department is pleading incompetence on this one, but as tempting as that may be to accept , I believe the truth is they hid them like they have hidden or stonewalled everything else.

The State Dept. has in the past categorically denied that they had any emails to and from Hillary lieutenant  Philippe Reines, even though it was on the approved government server, using his assigned account.  Reines also supplied the State Dept. with 20 boxes of emails from his personal account.  Now, what I am having trouble with is that Reines has so many emails and yet the Secretary of State only accumulated 32,000. Continue reading

StemExpress Cuts Ties With Planned Parenthood

holly-odonnell-stemexpress-planned-parenthoodStemExpress has announced to Planned Parenthood and to Congress that it is cutting ties with the abortion mill and will no longer buy aborted baby body parts from the organization.

This will come as a huge blow to PPH.  Not only did they purchase the parts, they also harvested them themselves and PPH was able to pocket a nifty profit, claiming it was money to cover costs.  The final straw had to be when their former employee, Holly O’Donnell, said that she once saw a StemExpress employee take fetal tissue without the patients consent. Continue reading

Loretta Lynch Accused of Cheating Victims Out of 40 Million

lynch2Loretta Lynch, Obama’s choice to replace Eric Holder at the Injustice Department, stands accused of withholding information from victims of Felix Sater, who ran a pump and dump stock scheme.

Paul Cassell, a professor of law at the University of Utah, notified Senate aides and leaders that they should be doing an inquiry of Lynch’s handling of the case.  The issue has to do with prospective defendants who turn state’s evidence. Continue reading