Putin gains by Obama’s inactions

Ukraine1“You can’t send in tanks and at the same time hold talks. The use of force would sabotage the opportunity offered by the four-party negotiations in Geneva.”
- Ukrainian foreign minister Andriy Deshchytsya

Point blank…Ukraine is on the brink of war…and while Vladimir Putin and his Russian forces are the aggressors…Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a willing participant in that aggression by his very inactions.

And as America’s allies throughout Eastern and Central Europe worry about their future sovereignty because of Obama’s inactions, Putin sends unmarked special forces into Ukraine. And he does so at the same time he accuses the Ukrainian government of pursuing an “anti-constitutional” path by using force against the pro-Russian demonstrators. Continue reading

Marine Corps top enlisted man says lower pay, benefits will make Marines more disciplined, less wasteful

130502-D-NI589-210I know it’s been nearly 30 years since I was on active duty in the Marine Corps, but I don’t think things have changed that much since.  In my day, even talk of messing with a Marine’s pay or benefits was cause for a knock-down, drag-out fight.

But, American Military News said, the Marines top enlisted man, Sgt. Maj. of the Marine Corps Micheal Barrett told a Congressional panel that lower pay and slimmed-down benefits will make Marines more disciplined and less wasteful.

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Japan: Ready to hit N. Korean missiles, worried of wavering Obama

fe9e3567a0f04e188a547c0b50b374e91350217733_fullWith North Korea hell-bent on firing missiles into the Sea of Japan, and Japanese leadership may be unsure of Barack Obama’s stoutheartedness in honoring the over half century old mutual defense treaty, for the first time since the end of the Second World War Japan is making its own military decisions independent of the United States, as reported on April 5, 2014 by the Reuters news agency.

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Video: Military children spontaneously sing national anthem at movie theater

children singIf this doesn’t give you hope for America, nothing will.

In a video posted by Hannah Kunze, manager of a before and after school program on Naval Station Rota, Spain, a group of children spontaneously began singing the national anthem at a movie.

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Two Russian Ambassadors caught talking about a new Cold War

Two Russian Ambassadors caught talking about a new Cold War

(YouTube, The Guardian)

When the Cold War ended in 1991, the spread of communism slowed considerably but on Friday, it appears that some Russian Ambassadors are looking forward to a second Cold War through a leaked phone call recording.

The leaked phone call was obtained by The Guardian and released on Friday between Russian Ambassadors, Igor Chubarov, Russia‘s ambassador to Eritrea, is a country in the Horn of Africa near Sudan, and Sergei Bakharev, the ambassador to Zimbabwe and Malawi, although these two ambassadors have not been independently verified at this time that it was them speaking.

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Right Side Patriots

final mikeDue to yesterday’s technical and electrical issues that prevented us from getting on the air…RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS will be doing a special LIVE SHOW…TOMORROW…Thursday, March 20th at 2pm.

Join us at 2pm EST with our special guests, Bill Looman from Oathkeepers discussing current events and the Obama regime and then…Jake Danishevsky who was born in Kiev, Ukraine and immigrated to the U.S. in 1979 at the age of 14…Author of “After Tastes and Tales from Russia – Forgive Me for Being Anti Social…Ist” will fill us in on the dire consequences facing Ukraine!!!

Listen LIVE tomorrow from 2-4 EST on the CPR Worldwide Media Network.

Click on the link below for direct access to CPR and RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS…Craig Andresen and Diane Sori

The ‘Russian Bear’ vs. the man in ‘mom’ jeans

russia map“The referendum in Crimea was a clear violation of Ukrainian constitution and international law”

- Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s statement after Sunday’s Crimean vote

Well…well…the man who could care less about the U.S. Constitution suddenly cares about the Ukrainian constitution and international law…all while his very inaction’s helped fuel this current situation on. And now comes useless sanctions that Putin will just laugh at while calling Obama’s bluff as he sends Russian forces further into the Ukraine.

And those in Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic, and even those in Kazakhstan, are all now fearful they could be next.
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Putin Prepares for War Against Ukraine

Obama-Putin-Ukraine_2-22-2014_138690_lPutin has tested Obama’s resolve and found him woefully lacking.  When the United States is weak or when our allies can’t trust us to keep our word, our influence dissipates.  But when both occur, both the US and the world becomes a very dangerous world.  Russia senses it and Putin is prepared to take advantage of it and reclaim part of the former Soviet Union.

With the Crimean vote to break away from the Ukraine, the drums of war have never beat louder or stronger.  Russia is massing men and weapons on the border as Vladimir Putin complains about the treatment of ethnic Russians in the Ukraine.   Putin is setting up a reason to invade the Ukraine and adding them back under their control.  The United States is no longer a deterrent to Putin’s ambitions.  The best Obama and Kerry have been able to do is threaten sanctions.

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Cutting our military…cutting benefits… cutting morale as Putin laughs on

A crime unlike any other as Barack HUSSEIN Obama, in his continued efforts to render our military impotent, leads our beloved America down the road to Third World status, has now NOT only cut our military’s pensions and benefits but does it by exempting ObamaCare subsidies for both public employees and the ‘sponges’ of our society in the process of doing so.

To cut the retirement benefits of the military is the most grievous of acts any Commander-in-Chief can do to those who lay their lives on the line every day to keep us safe and free and home. And by turning his back on our military Barack HUSSEIN Obama has, with NO guilty conscious whatsoever, been able to reduce military pensions by 10% (done so by converting part of their retirement to 401(k)-like defined-contribution plans from defined-benefit plans) as well as imposing cuts that slash subsidies for base commissaries, imposing a 5% increase in the cost of military housing, and placing a 1% cap on annual active-duty pay increases resulting in losses up to $5,000 in annual benefits for those whose basic pay is $18,194, which, by the way, is well below the federal poverty line.
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Why don’t we just ask the NSA where the plane is

Movements that “are consistent with deliberate action by someone on the plane.”
Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak

Two so-called ‘innocent’ Iranians fly to Malaysia but NOT from Iran. They go from Tehran to Qatar where they purchase two passports that were stolen in Thailand, bought through a Thai travel agent and an Iranian middleman, that takes them to Malaysia to get a flight to Beijing then on to Amsterdam with the final destination being Germany. Two passports…one an Italian passport used by Delavar Seyed Mohammadreza, 29…the other an Austrian passport used by Pouria Nour Mohammad Mehrdad, 18…who then fly from Qatar to Kuala Lumpur, where they board Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. And why Germany…the younger Iranian ‘supposedly’ has a mother in Germany who claims her son was on his way to Germany to seek asylum…guess the new route to European asylum is through China. But the question is why NOT travel a direct route from Iran to Germany with a valid passport which can easily be booked online for about $1000 instead of dealing with stolen passports.
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