More Problems in the Form of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

trade1 use this as coverPoint blank…our beloved America is in trouble…big trouble…as scandal after scandal concerning this administration rock us to our very core. And on top of the ever-growing list of scandals we have insult after insult being lobbed at Israel…America’s closest ally NOT only in the Middle East but in the world. And the latest is Obama’s recently telling a meeting of American Jewish leaders that he will NOT meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu until after a nuclear agreement with Iran is reached, and we know why. Why…because Barack HUSSEIN Obama fears such a meeting would have Netanyahu rightfully and in public calling to task his failed Middle-East policies thus jeopardizing his sell-out and capitulation to his fellow islamists in Iran.

But the insult of all insults is Uncle Joe ‘Bite-Me’ Biden last week attending a reception in recognition of Israel’s Independence Day and having the unmitigated gall to say that, “No president has ever done more to protect Israel’s security than President Barack Obama.” Does ‘Uncle Joe’ really think we’re all as stupid and gullible as he is…I mean really. Continue reading


Saturday, April 25th, on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on CPR Worldwide Media from 11am to 1pm EST, Craig and Diane will discuss the ‘too many hats’ being thrown into the Republican ring, the truth about Iran’s nukes, and Hillary’s latest scandals.

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Two Lies That Will Come Back To Haunt

lies1 cover nuke explosion“It’s too late for Israel [to prevent an Iranian bomb]. Iran has crossed all the borders and all the constraints, and it has a first nuclear bomb in its possession, and maybe more than that.”
– Israeli journalist Shalom Yerushalmi

“As president and as commander-in-chief, I take full responsibility for all our counter terrorism operations including the one that inadvertently took the lives of Warren and Giovanni.”
– Barack HUSSEIN Obama at yesterday’s press conference

And so the lies and cover-ups coming from this administration continue on…

Two very important recent events have now come to the forefront…one that could affect us all and one where Barack HUSSEIN Obama tries to shamefully blame the death of two hostages on an American military operation. Continue reading

A Laughable Message To Iran That We Are Watching

warships1 cover iran ships“We don’t let anyone give us warnings and threats, because we are working according to international law and regulations…we work for the security of our country and other countries.” – Flotilla Admiral Habibollah Sayyar, Commander of Iran’s Regular Navy

And so the game of ‘leverage’ begins…

Coming soon after last weeks U.N. Security Council resolution that imposed an arms embargo on leaders of the Iranian-backed Shi’ite Yemini Houthi rebel fighters…and just weeks after Obama and the P5+1 sold the U.S. and Israel out in that joke of a ‘framework deal’ with Iran over its nuclear ambitions…last Sunday the Navy aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt and her escort ship the guided-missile cruiser USS Normandy left the Persian Gulf and headed for the Arabian Sea…to the waters off Yemen…in what Naval officials have called “maritime security operations” to ensure that vital shipping lanes remain open and safe.

And if you believe that I’ve got some swamp land to sell you. Continue reading


rsp settig the world on fire final versionToday, Wednesday, April 22nd, on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on CPR Worldwide Media from 2 to 4pm EST, Craig and Diane will discuss the bruhaha over gay weddings, the candidates, and the Constitution; Hillary’s platform which is anything but; and U.S. warships off the coast of Yemen.

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Gay Marriage, Gay Weddings, and the Candidates

gay1 wedding cake with 2 groomsLast week was a busy week for the regime…first we had Barack HUSSEIN Obama calling to task Senate Republicans for delaying a vote on his attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch, and then Samantha Power, our Ambassador to the U.N., telling the foreign operations subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee that the U.S. would continue to support Israel “when it matters” but that Obama would NOT rule out the possibility that the U.S. would support anti-Israel resolutions at the U.N…or as I call them the U(seless) N(ations). Also, we had DEA agents once again cavorting with hookers but NOT a one was fired, and a postal worker went ‘postal’ and landed a gyrocopter on the White House lawn.

And let’s NOT forget Hillary’s big week as she and her mini-van headed out to Iowa to ‘test the waters’ if you will. Let’s see…multimillionaire Ms. ‘I Left the White House Broke’ stiffed a waitress of a tip, parked in a handicapped parking spot and was NOT ticketed, and hid behind dark sunglasses so NO one would recognize her…the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. The ‘Butcher of Benghazi’ did NOT want people to know it was her…one has to wonder why. Continue reading

Is Hillary electable?

hillary6 what differenceHillary Clinton has finally announced her candidacy for president. Her candidacy was begun with a tweet and a two-and-a-half minute You Tube video, of which only about 40 seconds is Hillary giving her announcement and rationale for seeking office.

In contrast to the Republican hopefuls, who kicked off their presidential campaigns to adoring crowds, Hillary’s campaign began with a soundbite on social media followed by a trip in her “Scooby” van to Iowa with no organized campaign stops along the way. Hillary’s presidential announcement was almost secretive in comparison to the Republicans, with no rallies, no crowds of supporters and no questions from the media.


Continue reading


rsp settig the world on fire final versionTomorrow, Saturday, April 18th, on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on CPR Worldwide Media from 11am to 1pm EST, Craig and Diane will discuss the Republican hopefuls who need to get out of the race and a secret Obama has been keeping from us about Iran and how far they’ve gone in their nuclear weapons quest.

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For Political Reasons Alone

cuba1 cover use this one“Cuba is a state sponsor of terrorism..they should have remained on the list…and it sends a chilling message abroad that this White House is not serious about calling terrorism by its proper name.”
– Sen. Marco Rubio, Republican presidential candidate and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s Western Hemisphere sub-panel

Well Obama has gone and done it again as he continues on his roll to undermine America’s standing in the world…this time by removing yet another one of America’s enemies from the State Department’s list of terrorism sponsors. First he removed Hezbollah, then he removed Iran, and now he’s removing Cuba…a country just 90-miles off Florida’s coast…proving once again where his true loyalties lie. Continue reading

Don’t Be Fooled By A Deal That Might NOT Be What It Seems

russia1 coverAs we all know by now Iran is expecting a special delivery package from Russia by the end of this year…a very special package in the guise of the Russian-built S-300 surface to air defense missile system. Coming on the heels of Vladimir Putin lifting a now five-year ban on delivery of this system…a system that would up Iran’s military capability by giving them a strong deterrent against any air attack…this means a deterrent from an attack by Israel of course as we know Obama would dare NOT have America attack his own islamic brethren.

And we all know that Israel believes that Putin’s decision…especially considering the timing…allowing him to sell this air defense missile system to Iran is based solely upon Obama’s sell-out ‘framework deal’ that helped to legitimize the Iranian regime in the eyes of the world. And with Israel…and Netanyahu in specific…continuing to criticize and warn the world of the dangers of a nuclear armed Iran…the truth hiding in plain site is that with Obama’s leaving Iran’s nuclear program largely intact…giving Iran exactly what they demanded…actually puts them on the fast-track to a bomb… that is if they do NOT already have one. Netanyahu knows this, Obama knows this, and know that Vladimir Putin knows this as well. Continue reading