Mitch McConnell Submarines Kate’s Law and Defunding Planned Parenthood

mitch2Mitch McConnell has done it again.  He has surrendered to Barack Obama and Senate Democrats once again using a method called “Filling the tree,” a method used effectively by Harry Reid to keep Republicans from adding amendments.

Now McConnell is using it to keep Republicans from adding amendments.  The two amendments were to be added to the transportation bill, where they would need just 51 votes to pass. Continue reading

Two Illegals Who Were Supposed to Be Deported Kills Mass. Woman

wpa10c0827_06Two illegal aliens from the Dominican Republic, who should have been deported for other convictions, have been arrested on drug charges and also charged with the killing of a 41 year old woman in Lawrence, Massachusetts.  Wilton Lara-Calmona and Jose M. Lara-Mejia were arrested on drug charges by police investigating the shooting death of Mirta Rivera, 41. Continue reading

The Judge Who Threw the Fear of God into Obama Officials

judge_andrew_hanenThe Obama caliphate has pretty much had things their own way and have defied court order after court order as judges have allowed the caliphate to walk all over them.  What Obama and his minions forgot is you never mess with Texas or as in this case, Texans.

Judge Andrew Hanen was livid after he found out that Obama violated his injunction and handed out 2,000 work permits in violation of said injunction.  He ordered the powers that be to take back the three year work permits and exchange them for two year permits not covered under the injunction. Continue reading

Macy’s Pays a Huge Price for Breaking With Trump

THE APPRENTICE -- NBC Alternative Series -- "Episode 306: The Writing on the Wall" -- Pictured: Donald Trump -- NBC Universal Photo: Kevin T. Gilbert   Scenes from Apprentice Season 3 starring Donald Trump and created by Mark Burnett.  Photographed by Kevin T. Gilbert/ Blue Pixel on 10/22/04 with NIKON D70  at 800. Episode 306 Boardroom 306 Corporate Graffiti

THE APPRENTICE — NBC Alternative Series — “Episode 306: The Writing on the Wall” — Pictured: Donald Trump — NBC Universal Photo: Kevin T. Gilbert

The angry customers are accusing Macy’s of restraining free speech.  Trump has been under attack for rightly pointing out that illegal aliens commit a disproportionate amount of crimes.  He has been criticized by illegals, liberals, the media and other Republicans — people who have been blinded by their ideology.

Trump has proven border control and massive deportations are a winning issue.  The latest poll that came out today shows Trump leading Bush by three points.

Continue reading

Trump is Right Again: 23 Year Old Illegal Mexican Kidnaps Girl, 13, in Fla., Rapes Her in Michigan

635722403227453683-hernandezDonald Trump has been proven right once again as a 23 year old illegal Mexican has been arrested for transporting a 13 year old girl in Florida, taking her to Michigan, where he forcibly raped her.  It’s funny that so many liberals (both democrats and republicans) have criticized Trump for saying illegal aliens rape underage girls but you don’t hear any of them actually deny it. Continue reading

Sen Grassley Plans to Carpet Bomb Liberals Over Illegal Felons Next Week

ICE-Raid-640x516Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles E. Grassley has a busy week planned next week.  Next Tuesday he will have families who have lost loved ones testify before his committee.  Democrats will not be pleased.  Voters won’t take kindly to their attempts to discredit the mourning families of the victims of future Democrats imported into the country by Obama and abetted by Democrats in Congress and at state and local levels.  Imagine a father telling how one minute he was walking along the pier in San Francisco with his daughter, when an illegal alien, who should have been locked up, senselessly murdered her.  What kind of cross examination could you use that wouldn’t make you look heartless and cold? Continue reading

Criminals Illegal Aliens Tell Liberal Cities, “Sanctuary Much”

You have heard about the young woman in San Francisco, who was murdered by an illegal alien that the city of San Francisco released from jail against the orders of ICE.  Actually, it’s much worse than that.  SF told ICE they had a warrant for the illegal alien, knowing that it was already well past the statute of limitations, so they could save him from deportation.  Do I smell a major lawsuit here? Continue reading

Wonder Why So Many People Support Donald Trump? Here’s Why

16058899353_ba14af3918_bI hear a lot of people question why so many are supporting Donald Trump — even people who have really never cared for him.  Really, there is no mystery here.  Conservative voters are tired of voting for candidates that promise them the Earth, the Moon and the stars above, but quickly walk back their words when they feel a little heat and fail to follow through should they be elected.  Remember how many candidates like Mia Love promised voters that they would vote against John Boehner should they win their election, just to immediately go back on their word and vote for him?  And need I even go into why I hate Boehner and McConnell? Continue reading

Obama Expected to get a Butt Kicking in Federal Court on Friday Over Amnesty


Obama’s lawyers will appear before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals today to argue that Obama’s unlawful amnesty plan should be allowed to go on without interruption.  He doesn’t have a prayer.  His lawyers asked a three judge panel in the past to lift Judge Hanen’s injunction against Obama legalizing 5 million illegal immigrants.  They turned down their motion on a 2-1 vote.  The reason they turned Obama down was because in their legal opinion, Obama would not win his appeal.  They didn’t know how prophetic they were.  The appeal panel of three judges is made up of one democrat and the very same two judges that denied the motion to lift the injunction. Continue reading

San Francisco Didn’t Just Release Murderer, They Rescued Him…Scandalous


The murder of Kathryn Steinle just took a new twist that is a strong indictment of the city of San Francisco and it’s alleged leaders.  It turns out that the San Francisco Police Department led by progressive Ross Mirkarimi didn’t just receive Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez from the feds, they requested him because of an outstanding warrant.  What they didn’t tell the feds was that the drug possession charge against was just for marijuana and was 20 years old, meaning beyond the statute of limitations.  The feds did file a detainer, so they would get Lopez-Sanchez back for deportation.  Of course, San Francisco police refused and set him free, which seems to have been the plan all along. Continue reading