A law to make anti-gunners cringe, a firearm in every American’s home

Keep guns in the hands of all AmericansThe very thought of requiring every American to own a firearm would undoubtedly make anti-gunners cringe. Those desiring gun control laws to be stricter continue to ignore the fact that criminals use gun-free zones as a killing ground because no firearms are allowed. Anti-gunners believe their gun-control agenda will keep Americans safe.

Anti-gunners are of the belief that if they take away our guns, everyone will be safer. However, that is not the case because all we have to do is take a look at some of the countries where gun control has revoked the citizen’s right to firearms ownership. In 2009, the U.K.’s Telegraph published an article titled: The “violent crime capital of Europe.”

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Video: Supporters of Officer Darren Wilson attacked by Ferguson protesters

wilson supportersIt seems that in Obama’s America, only certain people are allowed to make their feelings known.  During Wednesday’s edition of “The Kelly File,” Mike Tobin captured footage of a heated clash between supporters of Officer Darren Wilson and Mike Brown, the 18-year-old shot and killed earlier this month.

Two white Wilson supporters came out Wednesday to show their support for the officer, but this didn’t sit too well with Brown supporters who chucked bottles.  Eventually, the two protesters were whisked away by police.

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Gov. Jay Nixon: Forget about innocent until proven guilty, prosecute Darren Wilson

jnixonIt seems Jay Nixon, the Democratic Governor of Missouri, doesn’t think too much of that whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing and has decided instead to call for a “vigourous prosecution” of Darren Wilson, the officer who shot 18-year-old Michael Brown.

Not a vigorous investigation, mind you, but a vigorous prosecution.  In other words, to hell with the evidence and the mitigating circumstances.  Naturally, it doesn’t matter that over a dozen witnesses have corroborated Wilson’s side of the story.

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Snipers? National Guard seen on roof of grocery store in Ferguson

snuckssnipersOn Monday, Alex Altman, Washington correspondent for Time magazine, issued a tweet showing men in National Guard uniforms of top of what was identified as a Schnuck’s grocery store in Ferguson, Missouri.

He claimed they were snipers, but the picture doesn’t show any weapons.  A picture of what appears to be the same two men posted at the Gateway Pundit also doesn’t show any weaponry.

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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough claims Ferguson riots giving ammo to unnamed ‘right-wing nuts’

scarboroughJoe Scarborough, the alleged “Republican” on MSNBC (a.k.a. the official network of insane liberal hate), decided Monday to falsely claim that the riots in Ferguson are giving unnamed “right-wing nuts” the ammo they need to attack politicians on both sides.

“These looters, some of whom may not even be from Ferguson, are giving right-wing nuts all of the ammunition they need to attack politicians on both sides who are trying to preach restraint, to do what, you know, Rand Paul said last week, and what — I bring him up just because Republicans are finally starting to talk out on this,” he said.

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Revenge Replaces Justice in a Small Midwest Town

A few short weeks ago an Orthodox Jewish rabbi was brutally murdered on his way to synagogue in North Miami. A good man died…a man of the cloth…and nary but a few words were reported on this crime because there was NO rioting in the aftermath…NO call to violence…NO call for revenge. He was laid to rest peacefully and his story has faded from the public eye even though his death was indeed a hate crime as a swastika and the word ‘Hamas’ was found painted on the synagogue’s walls that he was walking to.

This week a thug in Ferguson, Missouri was gunned down by the police after committing a strong-armed robbery of a convenience store where he struck the cashier in the neck pushing him hard against the counter. Only 18 years old…and even his parents said he was NO angel…yet the media went into full damage control and is portraying him as such. References to the Trayvon Martin case abound amid cries of racism and revenge, and this city’s black population sees once-improving race relations purposely being setback yet again. Continue reading

HuffPo reporter doesn’t know difference between earplugs and rubber bullets

earplugsIt’s bad enough the media is utterly biased.  It’s even worse when reporters assigned to cover crime stories like the Ferguson shooting don’t even know the difference between earplugs and rubber bullets.

But that’s exactly what happened Sunday Morning when Huffington Post reporter Ryan Reilly tweeted this:

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Video pokes holes in Michael Brown shooting story

brown shootingA video posted to YouTube on Thursday is said to poke holes in the story of Michael Brown’s shooting.  More importantly, it seems to back up the story told to Dana Loesch by a woman who claimed to be a friend of police officer Darren Wilson.

What’s important about this video, spotted by the Conservative Treehouse, is a conversation heard in the background.

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New Black Panthers warn: ‘All hell is going to break loose’ in Ferguson

looters-fergusonSo much for all those assurances Malik Zulu Shabazz gave Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Ronald S. Johnson about helping to keep the peace in Ferguson.

Jim Hoft reported at the Gateway Pundit that radicals with the New Black Panthers are warning people that “all hell is going to break loose” in Ferguson.  Moreover, he adds, they warned reporters they cannot guarantee their safety.

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Video shows Palestinian flag in Ferguson, Missouri

palflagWhile reporting on the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, Fox News cameras spotted a protester waving a Palestinian flag in the street.

Apparently, reporter Mike Tobin was unaware of the flag, because he never mentioned it.

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