Florida gun owner stops violent crime

guns save lives and stop crime

Guns save lives and stop crime

Yet again, a Good Samaritan with a gun stops the commission of a crime by a bad guy with a weapon. Florida gun owner Edwin Sullivan, taking advantage of rights recognized under a new law enacted in that state, witnessed an attempt by a knife-wielding thug to commit a violent crime, and fired a warning shot to stop the crime. The attacker froze and this saved the life of the would-be victim, and stopped a violent crime from happening. Once again, a citizen with a gun stops a crime.

Sullivan’s actions are legal under a new state law passed in Florida called the “Threatened Use of Force” law. The Herald-Tribute, reporting this story, describes that law as one that , “allows an armed citizen to display, or point, their defensive firearm at an assailant without criminal charges, assuming the threatened use of force is justifiable.” The law also allows the citizen to fire a warning shot, as Sullivan did, if needed to stop the commission of a crime.

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Report: Feds in riot gear to ensure illegal immigrants get to Murrieta housing facility

murrieta1I never thought I’d see the day when federal agents in riot gear would stand with illegal immigrants against U.S. citizens, but that’s exactly what’s about to take place according to a report at Breitbart.com.

Protesters are still in Murrieta, but, Breitbart Texas said, federal agents with riot gear are set to arrive on Monday to ensure that another busload makes it to the housing facility there.

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What ‘gun violence epidemic?’

John Carlson

John Carlson

Claims by gun prohibitionists and left-leaning politicians that there is some sort of “gun violence epidemic” underway in the United States can be refuted by facts, and a talk radio host in Seattle set about doing just that the other day.

He’s not alone, of course. Gun owners are tired of taking the rap for crimes committed by people who clearly have mental problems that have not been addressed, and they refuse to be penalized for crimes they did not commit, especially after gun control proponents have admitted those crimes would not be prevented by the restrictive laws they advocate.

Anti-gun lobbying groups, anti-gun politicians including Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, and many in the media have been talking about an “epidemic of gun violence,” but KVI’s John Carlson called them out with a detailed piece in Crosscut that strongly suggests the claims about “gun violence” are nonsense. Continue reading

Senate report reveals a culture of crime, cover-up, and coercion within the VA

Senate report reveals a culture of crime, cover-up, and coercion within the VA

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

A new U.S. Senate report released Tuesday morning by U.S. Senator and doctor Tom Coburn, M.D. (R-OK), revealed that besides long-waiting lists for veterans to see their doctors and the deaths that occurred at VA hospitals, a culture of crime, cover-ups, and coercion also occurred within the VA with inept congressional and agency oversight that allowed rampant misconduct to grow unchecked. Continue reading

Interview with Busta Troll

10390208_231986757010994_3054098547521847130_nLast week, the infamous internet “goat” leader, the identity of Busta Troll was revealed by a group of conservative activists (read the story here). Examiner contacted Christopher Lyman, Busta’s true identity, via Facebook messages on Monday. Lyman agreed to the email interview with the stipulation that his answers be repeated in their entirety. What follows are Busta’s own words with only minor grammatical editing for clarity. The conclusion is also Busta’s.

How and why did you start goating pages?

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Elliot Rodger had much in common with other spree killers

Elliot RodgerBy now, most are familiar with the story of Elliot Rodger, the Santa Barbara mass murderer who killed six people last weekend before turning his gun on himself. Rodger’s loneliness, angst and longing for meaningless sex are now well known. What may be less well known is that Rodger shared many characteristics with a number of other recent spree killers.

As Examiner reported last year, a number of features are common in the random mass killings that seem prevalent in recent years. First, almost all of the mass killers are known to be habitual players of violent video games. Second, the killer often comes from a broken family. Finally, in most cases, the killer can be reasonably determined to have undiagnosed or untreated mental illness.  Elliot Rodger fits into all three categories.

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Muslim terror suspect demands taxpayers provide traditional Arab clothing, granted special permissions due to religion

terrorsuspect2Sami Osmakac, the Muslim suspect in a Tampa, Florida bomb plot, has demanded tapayers provide him with traditional Arab clothing for his trial, MyFox Tampa Bay reported.

Moreover, the Tampa Tribune said, the judge in the case has said Osmakak does not have to stand when the judge or jury enters the courtroom because of his religious beliefs.

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Alleged Santa Barbara shooter leaves disturbing video behind, low-infos still blame NRA

rodgers1Elliot Rodger, the alleged shooter in a rampage that left seven dead, including himself, left behind a disturbing video that shows just how disturbed he really was.

In it, he decries being a 22-year-old virgin, and promises to slaughter as many people as he could in what he called a “day of retribution.”  Nevertheless, low-information liberals blame the NRA for what he reportedly did.

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Report: Muslim girl ‘still alive’ while boyfriend cut her head off with kitchen knife

muslimaA very disturbing report out of England says that 18-year-old Reema Ramzan was still alive when her boyfriend, Aras Hussein, a 21-year-old Iraqi, cut her head off last June.

According to prosecutor Graham Reeds, “Hussein was then spotted outside her flat, naked and with blood pouring out of his chest. He told emergency workers: ‘I don’t know why I did it,’ adding ‘She like me but I raped her.’”  According to reports, Hussein stabbed himself in the chest.

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NO sense of urgency regarding our vets

Before he had to rush off to pack for yesterdays round of photo-op nonsense, and coming almost a month after the story broke, Barack HUSSEIN Obama spoke on Wednesday for 45 minutes about the VA scandal that is casting yet another shadow of incompetency over his presidency. Holding NO one responsible for this most grievous of sins against our veterans, Obama put on his best ‘sad face’ for the cameras while claiming he will work with VA Secretary Eric Shinseki to address allegations that VA officials falsifying wait-time records for veterans seeking services.


Continuing to defend Shinseki’s handling of the allegations to date, Obama said he would wait for the results of several reviews before deciding Shinseki’s fate…the classic Obama do NOTHING stance.

Apparently the treatment of our veterans constitutes NO sense of urgency for this president as the ‘blame everyone but himself’ game revs up to full speed. Even saying, “When I heard allegations of misconduct – any misconduct, whether it’s allegations of VA staff covering up long wait times or cooking the books – I will not stand for it, not as commander in chief, but also not as an American,” Obama is just saying what he was told to say and he means NOT a word of it.
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